Sales growth is most impacted by working with managers . . . not reps.

Sales leaders have a common objective: Help every sales rep HIT THE NUMBER!

You understand that the way a sales team is led, coached, and managed has a huge impact on how much, or how little, gets sold. The challenge is defining and supporting your sales management team in a way that allows them to always grow sales.

Have you ever caught yourself wanting the following items?

  • A sustainable sales coaching methodology that allows your managers to grow sales on an on-going basis
  • A defined coaching playbook based on the activities and behaviors that motivate sales reps to sell more
  • A way to measure sales coaching effectiveness; both consistency and quality
  • A consistent language and strategy for sales coaching amongst your management team
  • Real time visibility into the effectiveness of your management team
  • Information about where and how to target coaching improvement and education
  • Ability to capture, implement, and execute best practices from other great sales leaders

"EcSell Institute has become a valuable partner and resource for our sales management team. Our managers have embraced the principles and are using them with their teams to grow sales year after year."

- EcSell Institute Member

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