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“Leading Sales with Noble Purpose”

Posted by Sarah Wirth

April 15, 2014

“How will your customer be different as a result of doing business with you?” That was the game-changing question posed to us by Lisa Earle McLeod on the opening night of the EcSell Institute spring summit. Throughout the next 90 minutes, Lisa challenged attendees to find their purpose and use that purpose to communicate a more powerful and effective message with their sales teams and customers.

The author of “Selling with Noble Purpose,” Lisa is an expert on how defining and embracing a sense of purpose in your organization can lead to more profit. Lisa’s message was both simple and powerful. Essentially, when sales managers and sales reps approach their customers with a connection to a broader purpose, beyond just hitting their sales number, they are able to achieve better results.

This is not just an inspirational message from Lisa, but one that is based in research. In exploring the difference between good sales performers and the sales “rock stars” that we all want to have on our team, Lisa found a surprising conclusion. The rock stars didn’t necessarily work more hours and call on more accounts. But when they spoke about their role and communicated with customers, they always spoke with a sense of broader purpose. For some, it was providing pharmaceuticals that helped patients. For others, it was offering a service that made their customers’ lives easier. Regardless, the common thread was that it wasn’t the end result of more sales that motivated them. Revenue was important, but only as a measurement of how well they were executing their purpose.

Lisa then concluded by challenging the audience to define their company’s own purpose. And most importantly, once they define that purpose, to talk about it constantly. Ultimately, we learned that as sales leaders, it is essential that we set a positive example. How we talk about our customers matter. How we talk about our purpose in relation to profit matters. When we can lead our sales team with a sense of purpose, we can not only help make their work more meaningful, we can also help them sell more.


Sarah Wirth
Vice President of Member Services
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Excellence Matters: Scaling Sales Team Success

Posted by Kathy Collins

April 15, 2014

You can't fake excellence.  

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Conferences and Coaching: Takeaway or Take a Hike?

Posted by Sherri Daubert

April 10, 2014

 Every April, EcSell Institute puts on our Sales Coaching Summit which is all about inspiring ways to help our community of executive sales managers become better and more efficient at coaching. We have some pretty powerful coaching and management experts present at these gatherings and we get great feedback that the time spent at these conferences is akin to buying a car.     It’s new, it’s exciting, you can’t wait to get home and test drive everything about it.    And if you happen to have your whole team there with you, they get it as well.   But for the team members at home or those who work under you and might be questioning exactly why they have to implement this right away?    Well they missed drinking the KoolAid that day and to them you just look like an over excited hot mess of humanity and they hope that things return to normal soon.   

 It’s easy to afflict your home team with post-conference stress disorder.    There are so many great presenters and ideas flowing freely, you will want to try and capture them all.  After all the point of attending Summit is to network, learn and come away with new coaching ideas and strategy.    But it’s important to develop a pre-game plan to implementing all the great knowledge you are bound to come away with or you risk coming home and overwhelming your team.   Instead of maximizing those pearls you will likely get nothing done at all.   And wouldn’t that be a shame?  Here then,  according to John Bonini marketing director of IMPACT and author of the coined term “ hot mess”  is the right way to do it.

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Sales Coaching Part Five: The 5 High Pay-off Coaching Tools

Posted by Bill Eckstrom

April 9, 2014

Wrapping up the sales coaching series today by sharing the tools a manager must use to help make the transition to a high performing coach. 

If you’ve been following this series, here is what you have hopefully learned to date:

  • Part one:  Why the sales leadership role has been grossly neglected
  • Part two:  Sales coaching research
  • Part three:  Developing a sales coaching methodology
  • Part four: The high pay-off sales coaching activities

Not in much of a “fluff” mood this morning, so I’ll get right down to the five high pay-off coaching tools used by high performing sales teams. 

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Sales Motivation: Leading by example

Posted by Will Kloefkorn

April 8, 2014

It is one of the oldest clichés in the book; the best way to lead is to lead by example. It is a simple premise and if executed effectively, in sales it can lead to a great deal of employee engagement and sales team motivation. So why is this motto so difficult for so many sales leaders to execute against? Simple, they are too busy. Well, at least that is what they will have you believe. However, the real answer is because they truly are busy, but they are too busy doing the wrong activities and measuring the wrong things.

As an industry, sales has done a magnificent job of providing the key performance indicators, activities, and tools that sales people need to execute against in order to hit and exceed their number. Where sales has failed as an industry is in providing the key performance indicators, activities, and tools which sales leaders need to execute against in order to get their sales producers and teams to perform at higher levels. This is cause for concern, but that is all about to change with the EcSELL Institute’s announcement of the ONE-UP sales coaching cloud earlier this week.

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5 Sales Skills Everyone Needs in the Workplace

Posted by Kathy Collins

April 3, 2014

Every day we utilize our sales skills in order to advance our company and our customer's businesses.  We often take for granted the importance these same skills have in their ability to advance our own organziation.  According to Russell Sachs, Vice President of sales for Work Market, there are five sales skills that are important in order to implement continuous learning relating to any order to improve your performance and enhance opportunities at work, try your hand at honing these in the spirit of working towards elevated job performance.

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Sales Coaching: What Do You Do Best?

Posted by Stacia Jorgensen

April 1, 2014

I have a confession.   I’m sure many of you will judge me.  You’ll likely raise your eyebrows when I tell you. I usually don’t share this with people because it’s somewhat embarrassing.

I love to code data.

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Givers, Takers and Matchers: As a sales manager which one is best?

Posted by Sherri Daubert

March 27, 2014

What do successful sales managers have that differentiates them from others?  Why do they rise to the top more quickly than some or why do they rise to the top at all?    According to Adam Grant, renowned organizational psychologist and professor at the Wharton School of Business the answer resides in what your true motivation is when you interact with others.

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Sales Performance is not About the Sales Rep

Posted by Bill Eckstrom

March 26, 2014

What I say in the title of this blog is not a “chicken and the egg” thing—it is fact.  Sales performance is not about sales reps.  If you don’t believe this, fire all your sales managers and see what happens; sales revenue will eventually go away, new sales will dry up (unless your managers stink).  Or, consider the antithesis and fire all your sales reps; do this and great coaches will find a way to replace them (because recruiting should be the role of every coach) and keep sales moving.

You see, performance is not about hitting a sales goal, hitting goal is what sales leaders get paid to do. Maximizing performance is the essence of any sales leader’s role, and performance is the output that results from coaching.  So, maximizing performance is the result of doing the right activities, with the right people, with the right effectiveness.  So here’s an idea—quit worrying about the number and focus on maximizing the performance of your team! 

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Sales Motivation: On the lookout for great coaching

Posted by Will Kloefkorn

March 25, 2014

Last night, my wife, son, and I settled in to watch yet another episode of The Voice on NBC. This has pretty much been part of our routine for the past three years. The two main reasons we gravitate to The Voice, besides the amazing musical talent, is that the show is an exemplary model for positive psychology and great coaching. In today’s world we are continually bombarded with a barrage of negative news and headlines in order to drive ratings; The Voice bucks that trend. I challenge you to watch an episode and look for any negative feedback. Now, that is not to say that constructive criticism does not exist, it should, but really pay attention to how the coaches work with their teams. It is overwhelmingly with a positive, yet challenging tone. When it comes to sales motivation, sales managers can learn a lot from the approach the coach’s exhibit on The Voice.

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