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Sales Leaders and Humankind: Ask Hard Questions!

Posted by Anna Schott

May 21, 2015

“You work where?” I was asked numerous times at my recent graduation party.

 “The EcSell Institute.” I’d answer.

 These are examples of how I usually explain what Ecsell does:

“We help sales departments maximize sales, and more importantly how to maximize sales team performance.”

 If I get a quizzical look I dumb it down to this:

“We give sales managers and sales leaders the tools they need to be successful.”

 If I get an intriguing look I’ll add this:

“We have even created a sales coaching cloud called ONE-UP which is able to track and measure high payoff coaching activities which we know cultivates success.”

Either the conversation stops there and him or her realize they don’t know what to ask next, or they pry me for more details about the state-of-the-art work we are doing at EcSell.

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Social Selling: The big arrow in your reps quiver

Posted by Will Kloefkorn

May 18, 2015

If you are not familiar with Amar Sheth and Sales for Life, it is time to get acquainted. At the recent EcSell Institute Sales Coaching Summit, the EcSell community had the pleasure of hearing Amar evangelize the value and relevance of Social Selling. The audience was engaged, mostly in taking notes, because they learned that only 28% of B2B sellers are using social selling. What an amazing opportunity for them to gain market share, build pipeline, and gain a huge competitive advantage right now.

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No Spectators Allowed!

Posted by Kathy Collins

May 11, 2015

 Dr. Clinton Longnecker inspired the audience last week during the EcSell Institute's 2015 Spring Sales Coaching Summit in Scottsdale, AZ. It was just too good not to share with you today!  His message focused on the challenge that everyone is busy...but busy doing what?  How can leaders get better results in a shorter period of time? We are all working hard to do the right things to cause higher levels of performance. Our organizations look to us to make a difference...but we need to learn faster. Organizations that adapt quicker than their competitors are the ones that come out on top. We have full responsibility to reach that result.

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Summit Speaker Recap: Rochelle Carrington and the Power of Positive Self-Talk

Posted by Sarah Wirth

May 11, 2015

The average person has between 50,000 and 80,000 thoughts a day, and an alarming 80% of them are negative, according to Rochelle Carrington who spoke at last week’s EcSell Institute sales coaching summit. Rochelle spent over two decades in sales and sales management, and now works in training other sales professionals how to become more effective. During her career, she continually saw the impact that both negative and positive self-talk can have on the performance of a sales team.

According to Rochelle, about 90% of our happiness is predicted by how we process the world, while only 10% is predicted by our surroundings. Simply stated, how we think and talk to ourselves has a huge impact on how effective we are. And while we all have natural tendencies in terms of the positivity of our thoughts, we also have the ability to exert more control over them.   Rochelle shared with our summit attendees six steps to dramatically increasing our positive self-talk and, in turn, our performance.

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Coaching Measured: Sales Leaders are Missing 50% of Critical Performance Data

Posted by Bill Eckstrom

May 10, 2015

Coaching not measured is a soft skill.  Coaching objectively measured becomes a vital sales performance metric.

Imagine playing multiple games of solitaire—with real playing cards—not on your tablet. You get close, but after several games you have not yet won and are now getting frustrated. One more game is what you commit and it starts off well; you immediately get three aces up top, three kings are also turned over, followed by queens, jacks and 10’s.  You say to yourself, “finally,” but as you again go through the deck you only place a single card up top, and when the deck is run through for the third time you realize the game is over. Frustrated, you gather the cards when you glance down to the floor and notice a single card under your seat.  “Really?  Please let it be a joker or something,” but when you reach down and turn it over you see it—the king of diamonds. The entire time you had only been playing with 51 cards…

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Sales Coaching Summit 2015: Tony Jeary, First Presenter Up!

Posted by Sherri Daubert

May 5, 2015

We are sitting at Summit 2015 in Scottsdale at the Fairmont Princess. Every year, I so look forward to this, knowing there are fantastic presenters lined up and a wealth of information to learn from them. And this year is no exception once again as we feel the energy revving up with Tony Jeary walking to the stage.  

 Many of the world’s top achievers seek a strategic expert to help them accelerate their sales coaching results and when they do, they are drawn to Tony Jeary. He is an authority on getting results and he has committed his career to studying and helping others achieve more. I can see why people have said, if you want to better your life, your career and your results, he is definitely someone you need to know.   

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Sales Coaching Summit: It's Easy. I Like It.

Posted by Stacia Jorgensen

May 5, 2015

I’m going to start using these five little words more often in my daily life:

It’s easy! I like it!

Can these words be life changing? After listening to Scott Bornstein’s kick-off talking to the 2015 EcSell Sales Coaching Summit in Scottsdale Arizona last night, I vote yes. Wait. That doesn’t quite convey my conviction here. I think it’s more accurate if I type YES!

Scott gave a fascinating talk centered on the power we each possess in our own brain, specifically when it comes to memory. Individuals with a good memory stand out in our world. They can command information in presentations and conversations. They make those around them feel important and valued when names are remembered. This power of memory can be grossly important in the sales world when client names and details can make or break us or make us stand out from competitors.

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Creating a Culture of Engagement

Posted by Kathy Collins

April 30, 2015

What creates a culture of engagement? What drives organizational loyalty? How do you foster an environment or culture within your organization that not only makes people happy in their jobs, but drives performance?

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Average Leadership...the #1 Threat to Your Company

Posted by Kathy Collins

April 16, 2015

Business leaders spend an inordinate amount of time these days trying to understand how to protect an organization from its own demise.  Is a better marketing strategy needed, new product development, adding to your sales force?  Sometimes the answer is right in front of our face. The best way to strengthen an organization is investing in your greatest asset--your team.

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Sales Coaching in 3 Steps

Posted by Stacia Jorgensen

April 14, 2015

I have to brag. Last week, my bracket won my neighborhood’s NCAA college basketball bracket competition. My winnings were a pair of Utah Jazz basketball tickets and I happily sent my husband and son off with them to stuff themselves with concessions junk food. Regardless of the win, the real joy of March Madness is watching the games with my 8-year old son. He’s such a sports nut that he takes in every second of every game. At the end of the Kentucky versus Notre Dame game, he was asking how Notre Dame could have knocked off a number one seed with a perfect record. His logical brain just couldn’t compute this upset. My husband quickly offered the explanation that sometimes the raw talent of the team members and the outcome of previous games don’t really matter. He talked to him about how the coach can trump just about any other factor. His 8-year old brain processed this for a minute and then asked, how can the coach make that big of a difference?

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