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Average Leadership...the #1 Threat to Your Company

Posted by Kathy Collins

April 16, 2015

Business leaders spend an inordinate amount of time these days trying to understand how to protect an organization from its own demise.  Is a better marketing strategy needed, new product development, adding to your sales force?  Sometimes the answer is right in front of our face. The best way to strengthen an organization is investing in your greatest asset--your team.

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Sales Coaching in 3 Steps

Posted by Stacia Jorgensen

April 14, 2015

I have to brag. Last week, my bracket won my neighborhood’s NCAA college basketball bracket competition. My winnings were a pair of Utah Jazz basketball tickets and I happily sent my husband and son off with them to stuff themselves with concessions junk food. Regardless of the win, the real joy of March Madness is watching the games with my 8-year old son. He’s such a sports nut that he takes in every second of every game. At the end of the Kentucky versus Notre Dame game, he was asking how Notre Dame could have knocked off a number one seed with a perfect record. His logical brain just couldn’t compute this upset. My husband quickly offered the explanation that sometimes the raw talent of the team members and the outcome of previous games don’t really matter. He talked to him about how the coach can trump just about any other factor. His 8-year old brain processed this for a minute and then asked, how can the coach make that big of a difference?

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Sales Coaching: Learning from the best

Posted by Will Kloefkorn

April 14, 2015

I'm thankful for all of the average teachers and coaches I've had in my life, for without them I would not know what it felt like to have a truly great coach. Also, I would include all of the crappy teachers and coaches in this mix as well because learning from the worst has its merits too. However, for the sake of this brief flow of consciousness I am only going to focus on the elite.

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5 Quick Sales Coaching Tips

Posted by Kathy Collins

April 2, 2015


Why coach? It's really the same question as 'why lead?' But how best can one sift through all of the information available today for sales leaders in order to find that nugget of information that will enable you to create opportunities for sales growth? It's easy. There are 5 simple coaching activities that can help you drive sales by executing on a regular basis. The motivation for a sales rep to perform all begins with the quality of relationship that they have with their manager.

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A New Sales Coaching Best Practice

Posted by Bill Eckstrom

March 31, 2015

Everyone in a leadership role should take the time to look outside of their own market for growth opportunities.  There are so many ways we can grow from learning why and how others do things, for new development ideas can come from anywhere as long as we are bright enough to look and ask for them.  As a result, I feel sorry for those who work for leaders who do not continually stretch their own minds and are open to new ways of growing sales.

Having said that, we should all take the time to dream, to think about the future, look for possibilities of what could be and not just what is

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Sales Coaching: Quality and Consistency

Posted by Will Kloefkorn

March 20, 2015

Perhaps it’s so easy it’s hard. That is the only reason I can think of when considering why sales departments do almost nothing to measure and analyze the consistency and quality of coaching that is occurring in their organizations. Or perhaps I’m not giving the EcSell Institute enough credit, but that is not the point of this post. The point of this message is to focus on looking at sales performance through a different lens to challenge the status quo.

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Why We Promote the Wrong Sales Reps into Management

Posted by Sarah Wirth

March 19, 2015

Many sales organizations focus on promoting leaders from the ranks of their current group of reps rather than hiring management from outside. They do this because it can help create a stronger, more consistent culture in their organization, provide their reps with opportunities for advancement and also shorten new leader ramp-up time as products and processes are already known. While there are clearly benefits to promoting from within, it can also be hard to know which sales reps have the potential to become effective leaders.

Usually the highest-performing salespeople are first considered for advancement, as they've displayed the skills necessary to sell successfully, as well as perform at a high level. The data from our Through the Eyes of the Sales Rep survey supports the idea that top individual performers are the ones promoted, because sales managers' individual performer skills are consistently rated more highly by their sales reps rather than their management skills.  However, strong individual selling skills may not make someone an effective manager. Indeed, our research indicates that individual selling ability is among the leadership skills least prized by sales reps.

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5 Sales Skills You Need in the Workplace

Posted by Kathy Collins

March 18, 2015

Every day we utilize our sales skills in order to advance our company and our customer's businesses.  We often take for granted the importance these same skills have in their ability to advance our own organziation.  According to Russell Sachs, Vice President of sales for Work Market, there are five sales skills that are important in order to implement continuous learning relating to any order to improve your performance and enhance opportunities at work, try your hand at honing these in the spirit of working towards elevated job performance.

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Elevate Your Team's Performance at our Upcoming Sales Coaching Summit!

Posted by Kathy Collins

March 7, 2015


The EcSell Institute it is gearing up for one of the most exciting times of the year--the upcoming sales coaching Summit in Scottsdale, AZ. Our annual Summit is a valuable time to learn from industry thought leaders as well as connect with your peers and gather meaningful takeaways to take back to your organization. It is also a time to pause, refine and refocus our coaching efforts with our team. There are many aspects that make the Summit experience meaningful for the growth of your sales organization, but this week I'd like to list my top 5 reasons to attend this May:

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Sales motivation: Millennials expect coaching

Posted by Will Kloefkorn

March 5, 2015

I was born in 1982 which technically makes me part of the Millennial generation. And when it comes to sales motivation there might not be a more polarizing subject than how to effectively coach Millennials. I mean how do you get through to an entire group of people who are lazy, self-centered, and entitled? Although, I do not believe these characteristics to be at all representative of my generation, they are words that get thrown around by some senior executives and a few grumpy boomers on a routine basis. It is hard to not get into arguments when talking about different age groups and all generations seem to speak with a false sense of bravado when talking about other generations short comings. However the fact is that by the year 2025 Millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce. What does this mean for sales VP’s and front-line sales managers? It means that Millennials are going to make up the majority of your sales teams and you will need to learn how to coach them.

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