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Does Emotional Intelligence Impact Your Success?

Posted by Kathy Collins

October 30, 2014

The theory of emotional intelligence made it's first appearance in 1995, it served as the missing link in a peculiar finding: people with average IQs outperform those with the highest IQs 70% of the time. This new realization threw a huge wrench into what people had always assumed was the sole source of success—IQ. After decades of research, findings point to emotional intelligence as the partnering critical factor that sets high performers apart from everyone else.

Emotional intelligence is that  “something” in each of us that slightly intangible. It affects how we manage our behavior, navigate social situations, and make personal decisions that achieve positive results. Whether or not we are home, at work or anywhere in between, (EI) should be the lens we look through in order to sharpen our leadership skills.  Why?  According to Daniel Goleman, an American psychologist who helped bring the theory to the forefront, there are 5 main focus areas:

  • Self Awareness
  • Emotional Management
  • Motivation
  • Empathy
  • Social Skills
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Four Critical Sales Coaching Metrics Nobody Measures

Posted by Bill Eckstrom

October 29, 2014

It’s not that they are not tracked, but they are not even thought of.  Sales departments focus too much on what the sales people do or don’t do as opposed to focusing on those who coach them.  I can write (and have many times) more about this issue, but if sales leaders believe the performance of a team is a reflection of how that team is coached, why don’t they measure if coaching is occurring and if it is being done well?  Or more broadly, why don’t sales teams measure overall sales manager effectiveness?

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Sales Coaching: Simple Start - Listen

Posted by Stacia Jorgensen

October 28, 2014


Take a moment to ponder through your last 24 hours. Think about the conversations you had, the meetings, you attended, and the information you heard. For a sales professional, you probably spent a large portion of your day taking in information in some sort of auditory form. Now, think about it one-step deeper. How much of those interactions did you hear and to what portion of them did you listen?

From our Through the Eyes of the Sales Rep survey, reps tell us that listening is a highly important trait of an effective sales coach.   In fact, rep agreement that their manager always listens to them strongly correlates (has a relationship) with: 

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The Kansas City Royals and the Power of the Collective

Posted by Sarah Wirth

October 27, 2014

I live in Kansas City and, as you can imagine, this town is baseball crazy right now.  Last week, I went to the grocery store on the opening day of the World Series and you would’ve thought everybody was heading to Kauffman Stadium. Absolutely EVERYBODY was decked out in their Royals gear.  It’s been 29 years and the Royals are finally playing in the post-season again, having made it all the way to the World Series!

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Sales Coaching: 4 Leadership Traits of Sales Managers

Posted by Sherri Daubert

October 23, 2014

Sales Organizations are unique in ways that create unique challenges.

According to Harvard Business Review contributor Scott Edinger, and noted in this previous blog post by Kristi Shoemaker, the most difficult leadership position is head of sales.   


First of all, in most cases, sales reps are often spread out physically all over the place, since sellers tend to stay close to customers, not to headquarters. Not being all together makes substantive interactions between sales producers, management staff and sales team leaders difficult.

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Two Critical Sales Coaching Questions

Posted by Bill Eckstrom

October 17, 2014

Andy wanted to sell more, and he certainly wanted to make more money.  Andy didn’t want to be good, he wanted to be great.  Intellectually he understood he wasn’t doing what was needed to be a top producer, but he could not have articulated exactly what he needed to do (or perhaps not do).  Mentally, Andy did not know what was holding him back. 

Most sales organizations have many Andy’s, or certainly producers who want more, but are not doing what it takes to sell more.  Sales managers need to ask themselves the following two questions:

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Leadership challenge: Thinking outside the box

Posted by Kathy Collins

October 16, 2014

Sometimes we are all in need of a fresh perspective.  My constant inspiration to think outside of the box most often comes from my son Aden and his band of brothers he calls neighbors, friends, teammates…dudes.  Recently they were all staring at our play structure in the backyard which they had sadly outgrown and said to one another, what else could it be?  And then the craziness really began.  My husband and I let the boys build, and build and build…and build.  After 2 weeks we had quite a mess and a veritable ‘condo’ for 12-year old boys in our backyard.  Wisely, my husband let them build without a plan only to illustrate what happens when you don’t have a plan.  Needless to say, while it looked cool, it was unsteady, sloppy and not build to last. What happened then was a shining example of how good planning, mapping out, measurement, strategy and execution could be the difference between the catalytic factor and chaos.

As sales leaders, we are constantly barraged with new problems-to-solve, challenges and opportunities. The demand on our time is infinite while the pressure to perform in our own positions as well as coach our teams mount every day.  This pace often pushes us into a state complexity.  The desire to create order from complexity may sometimes cause us to react without measuring, planning, executing to the best strategy possible.  In order to effectively counteract this tendency, as a sales coach you must be highly disciplined in how to engage and challenge your team members to not only rise to the occasion when faced with complexity, but to thrive in the face of it. The collective engagement of the group is always stronger than the engagement of just a few individuals.  To challenge and push team members to maximize performance a coach must be able to inject the catalytic factor in a manner that is meaningful to the leader and the team.  In essence, the catalytic factor pushes people to find new ways to do things, solve problems, think in new, innovative ways as well to be able to tackle difficult challenges.

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Sales Coaching Research: What You Do Matters

Posted by Stacia Jorgensen

October 14, 2014

Sometimes in data analysis, the meaningful findings are the non-significant ones and importance really isn’t important. Today, I gained a greater perspective into how impactful the actual behaviors of a sales managers are to reps in the world of sales coahcing. Let me explain:

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Sales Management Resources: Begin with the right mindset

Posted by Will Kloefkorn

October 10, 2014

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude” – Thomas Jefferson


Executive sales leaders have a huge opportunity to grow more revenue, build a world-class sales department, and be the envy of their competitors. However, it is not going to be easy and therein lies the problem. Not too long ago I heard from an EVP of sales that he did not want to bring the same level of accountability to his sales management team that he has in place for his sales producers. What? How could you be against asking your sales managers to not be held to the same standard of accountability and expectations of their sales reps? I mean, that is leadership 101 – do not expect of others what you are not willing to expect of yourself. As we dialogued further however, I realized that while I absolutely did not agree with this EVP’s decision or mentality I did understand it.

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The #1 Threat to Your Company...Ineffective Leadership

Posted by Kathy Collins

October 2, 2014


Business leaders spend an inordinate amount of time these days trying to understand, maintain and enhance an organization to protect it's own demise.  Is a better marketing strategy needed, new product development, adding to your sales force?  Sometimes the answer is right in front of our face. The best way to strengthen an organization is investing in your greatest asset--your team.

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