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Sales Management Training: Leave your Ego at the door please

Posted by Sherri Daubert

January 26, 2015

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It's What You Do When You Fail that Counts

Posted by Kathy Collins

January 21, 2015



It was a rough day by all accounts for Green Bay Packer, #86 Brian Bostick. During Sunday’s NFC championship, Brian now famously missed an onside kick that bounced right off the top of his head. This then locked down a drive by the Seahawks in which the scored the touchdown that allowed the championship game to go into overtime. This is singularly considered one of the biggest mistakes in an NFL game since Ray Finkle of the Miami Dolphins where they missed a field goal in the 1984 Superbowl.  Seattle recovered and proceeded to complete one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history for the 28-22 win in overtime. End. Of. Story. Or is it?

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How Your Briefcase Can Make You A Better Sales Coach

Posted by Stacia Jorgensen

January 20, 2015

A colleague recently directed me to an article titled “The Trick to Being More Virtuous” by Arthur C. Brooks, a contributing writer for the New York Times. The author discusses the idea of moral elevation, or “an emotional state that leads us to act virtuously when exposed to the virtue of others.” In Brooks’ case, he found that carrying a BYU briefcase gifted to him influenced his thoughts, behaviors and interactions with others. While this article’s thesis revolves mostly around the political world, it did create connections to sales coaching and to our place in the world at large for me.

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5 Facts About Our Sales Coaching Summit

Posted by Anna Schott

January 16, 2015

I’m constantly bombarded with emails about going to this and that yearly summit. Some sound interesting while some get deleted instantly. I used to think they were overrated and not a necessity. I’m also really terrible at committing to something so far in advance let alone a week in advance. I’ll admit it, I have commitment issues….to registering for events in the future that is.

            I went to my first summit this summer in Orlando, Florida for an organization I’m in. It’s amazing how those two or three days are somewhat life changing. You’re so intensely engrossed in one particular area that it opens your eyes to new and intriguing ideas and people. You end up wanting to tell everyone about it, but you don’t have the words to do the summit the justice it deserves.

Here are five facts as to why I think you SHOULD attend a summit at least once in your life, especially the EcSell Institute’s 2015 Sales Coaching Summit.

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Sales Coaching: Do You Walk the Talk?

Posted by Sarah Wirth

January 15, 2015

EcSell Institute partners with a variety of organizations to help them improve their sales results. Although our members vary by industry, size and sales team structure, they have something important in common – they all believe more effective coaching of their sales reps can lead to better sales results. However, how much they believe in this idea and, most importantly, what actions they’re willing to take to support this believe can differ widely. This difference in belief and action makes a huge impact of how effective sales coaching becomes in their organization.

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Sales Leaders: Your Management Team Will Lose Revenue Until They Realize This…

Posted by Bill Eckstrom

January 12, 2015

By definition, an epiphany is the initiated, intuitive perception of an essential reality. While I’ve had many (some not soon enough) a memorable event occurred for me over 10 years ago, one that still drives our mission, creates passion within our team and certainly impacts how we serve our members.    

In 2001, following a not so stellar quarter, my boss, the US Director of Sales, stated the challenges that kept us from hitting our number were all sales management issues.  As a relatively new Regional Sales Manager I balked at this proclamation, for I didn’t feel he was in a position to make such a statement.  This guy was not in the market with us on a daily basis, he had obviously lost touch with the reality of sales and was now shifting the blame to us.  I boldly suggested that operations have some ownership, customer service was certainly a concern, technical support was in total flux, marketing seemed to be of little help, and bottom line--the reps just didn’t get it done!  Retrospectively I was not willing to accept full responsibility that the reasons for not achieving peak performance (or hitting our number) were under the direct control of our sales management team.

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Sales Management: Oversight #2

Posted by Will Kloefkorn

January 9, 2015

When you accept a role in sales management, your most important clients are no longer your clients – they are the individuals on your team. Read that previous sentence one more time and let it sink in. Somehow this simple fact has been overlooked, if not completely neglected by so many sales departments. The sales world has done a pretty tremendous job of providing the proper resources, methodologies, metrics, and support for sales producers in order to help them understand how to most effectively hit their sales number. However, when you go up one layer to the sales management level, the sales world has done a pretty awful job of providing sales leaders with the same clarity, discipline, and structure that will help them understand how to effectively coach their teams so that they can hit their number on a consistent basis. There is very little attention paid to the behaviors and activities that need to consistently occur between manager and rep the way there is between rep and customer.

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Data Visualization...A Trend You Can't Ignore

Posted by Kathy Collins

January 8, 2015


Data Visualization…a Trend You Can’t Ignore

It’s not hard to jump on the big data wave. Who could argue with the collection of vital information that will directly affect the decision-making process that will enable your organization to be successful?

But, the question should be posed...who exactly are we measuring through data and why are we measuring them? Almost every sales-driven interaction and relationship is measured via whatever CRM your company is currently aligned. What is most often missed is measuring the sales coaching activities and metrics in regards to the activities between manager and sales rep. Research has proven time and time again that the relationship between sales rep and coach has the highest correlation on sales rep effectiveness.  Yet an estimate of 8 billion dollars are spent every year in the development and training of sales team effectiveness and the dollar amount spent on teaching sales managers how to become better coaches--is too insignificant to measure. Managers have the most important roles in the success of our teams and whether or not they are able to hit and/or exceed their numbers and yet, we rarely if ever measure what activities the manager is performing with their sales reps and at what frequency.

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Sales Coaching: Pictures of You Coaching

Posted by Stacia Jorgensen

January 6, 2015

What does it look like when you’re sales coaching? I’m not talking about abstract theoretical descriptions of what it means to be a good sales coach. What I’m asking is, what do good sales coaching practices look like? If you could take a picture of what it means to be a good sales coach, what Kodak moment would you capture?

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Sales Management Training: Resolutions? 12 Characteristics of a Bad Boss

Posted by Sherri Daubert

January 1, 2015

In the spirit of a new year and new resolutions we bring to you an article from  Mike Myat Chief Strategy Officer of N2growth, on how to spot ineffective leaders. In a former post by Kristi Shoemaker,  Mike points out a few things that should be obvious, but apparently aren’t. Read the full article "12 Ways To Spot Ineffective Leadership" and resolve to be a much better leader than this.

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