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Step One to Being a Great Sales Coach:  Building Strong Relationships with Reps

Posted by Sarah Wirth

February 10, 2016

Connecting is the first step to coaching – it’s a simple adage we espouse here at EcSell Institute.  This is because our research shows that strong relationships are a necessary foundation for effectively coaching and investing in sales reps.  Without strong relationships, sales managers do not have the level of trust they need to give reps honest feedback, challenge them to improve their skills or guide them in their careers.  Now this may seem like an obvious concept, but ask yourself the following question – if you believe that personal relationships are essential for coaching people most effectively, why haven’t you created this level of relationship with every rep you manage?

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Excellence Matters: Scaling Sales Team Success

Posted by Kathy Collins

February 8, 2016

You can't fake excellence.  

With the EcSell Institute's next Sales Coaching Summit right around the corner April 4-6th, I was reminded recently how deeply profound and impactful the many speakers we've partnered with over the years were not only while at Summit, but also going forward way beyond those few days spent at Summit.

The presentation that Dr. Bret Simmons shared with us on excellence almost two years ago is a good example of how impactful just one presentation can be. He spoke to us in regards to encouraging and achieving excellence--what is our role and what is our organization's role? The notes from that experience are some that I still review on a time-to-time basis and inspired my blog this week. The following is what I learned and what I've carried forward with me of how to pursue and strive for excellence on an on-going basis:

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Random Thoughts on Coaching, Performance and Life

Posted by Bill Eckstrom

February 3, 2016

*Too often I hear executives/business owners talk about their need to “find balance in their life”.  And, while this ethereal objective is easy to understand, I’ve decided not to participate.  There is nothing of notable significance that is accomplished with “balance”.   It is ordinary people who behave in an extreme manner that causes drastic change for themselves and their business.  As a result I have learned to respect and cherish unbalanced, extreme people.

*If you believe your business can accomplish something truly significant, make sure extreme talent is also on board.  Average talent in a role produces—yup, you guessed it—average results.  At EcSell we have consciously elected, and put the processes in place to hire only extreme talent.  What kind of talent have you opted to work with?

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Sales Coaching: Stop Guessing

Posted by Will Kloefkorn

January 22, 2016

I think therefore I am … not certain.

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Sales Coaching Research:  How to Motivate Sales Reps

Posted by Stacia Jorgensen

January 18, 2016

One of the patterns I see over and over again in our qualitative data from sales reps is that great sales managers are leaders who are able to motivate them. When we straight-out ask people what their sales leader does best they often say things like these real-life responses:

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A New Year, A New Challenge:  Help Your Reps Embrace the Change that 2016 Will Bring

Posted by Sarah Wirth

January 13, 2016

The start of a new year is often a time of change for sales teams.  You most likely have a new sales goal, probably a new sales focus and maybe even a new corporate strategy.  While some reps may quickly embrace the changes on your team, others may be frustrated by being asked to do things differently or more aggressively than they ever have before.  So how can you motivate your sales team to embrace the new challenges that 2016 brings?

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Attitude Check: How to Refine and Refocus at Work

Posted by Kathy Collins

January 11, 2016

It's a fact that people want to be around others who have a positive attitude.  A good friend recently told me their philosophy that there are two different kinds of employees in the workplace--those who point out problems and those who solve problems.  Being a problem solver also requires a good deal of diplomacy and a positive attitude.  Employees with positive outlooks tend to be more productive due to the fact that they always see opportunity within every challenge presented.  They do not waste time worrying, they put put their energies into more productive activities.  There are many benefits to having a positive work attitude, and many ways to help yourself cultivate a positive work attitude.

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Sales Coaching: Never too Good to be Great

Posted by Bill Eckstrom

January 6, 2016

“The longer I coach the less I know”.

Coach John Cook has coached the University of Nebraska women’s volleyball team for 16 years. He has won three national championships (the most recent being two weeks ago), multiple conference titles, has qualified for the NCAA tournament every year he has coached at Nebraska and has been selected national Coach of the Year two times (plus he is the author of the opening quote).

You have likely heard me say this before, but I’m fascinated with coaching, specifically high performance coaches.  Why they do it, how they prepare, and what they do differently are just a few of the many questions I want to know, and what all my friends at EcSell want to know. Though our company’s focus and research revolves around sales leaders (coaches) and their respective teams, we continue to learn from everyone in a coaching role.  And, Coach Cook in a recent interview provided some powerful insights that he attributes to the performance gains of his national championship volleyball team.  I have taken the liberty of boiling it down to three changes that should be beneficial and applicable to everyone who serves in a sales leadership role.

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Sales Leaders: Resolve This Sales Management Issue

Posted by Anna Schott

January 4, 2016

As I’m writing this I have made a list of New Year’s Resolutions that I know I will accomplish a year from now. “How do you “know” you will reach these goals?” you may be asking me. Here is how I’ll respond, “I’m smart.” Okay that sounds arrogant and extremely boastful but let me explain myself . . .

What I mean by “smart” I actually mean S.M.A.R.T. For some of you, this is old news but stay with me. And for others, this is quite intriguing. Here’s what creating S.M.A.R.T. goals looks like:

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Sales Coaching Research: The Most Simple Way To Be A Better Sales Manager

Posted by Stacia Jorgensen

December 21, 2015

Top performing sales managers have top performing sales teams for a reason. It’s not chance. It’s not luck. It’s not being in the right place at the right time or just randomly gathering the most awesome sales reps for a team and then sitting back to watch the magic happen. Instead, these successful sales managers behave differently. There are certain practices and characteristics of these individuals that make their teams perform at higher levels.

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