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Sales Coaching: The Dirty Little Secret about Sales Coaching.

Posted by Sherri Daubert

November 21, 2014


Recently we introduced our sales coaching cloud technology known as ONE-UP.   This technology was developed solely as a tool for our members when, as with so many solutions, there came a total moment of clarity created by need.     While in conversation with a member who is an EVP, and asked what percent of time his managers spent in coaching, and focusing on high pay off activities, his response was “ I simply don’t know.”   But he continued, “While I would like to think that my managers are spending the majority of their time doing the things that will make the difference and move the needle for their teams, literally I cannot tell you.”  This was eye opening for us, because while we teach and train that nothing impacts performance more than coaching, and we know the activities and behaviors that need to happen to increase sales, we had not given them an easy way to measure that.

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Sales Coaching: Focusing on Sales Management

Posted by Will Kloefkorn

November 14, 2014

Throughout the years the sales the sales industry has done a pretty darn good job of determining the tools, resources, training, metrics, and methodologies that sales people need to execute against in order to hit their sales objectives. As a producer myself I appreciate this fact, but it is not enough!

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Are You Motivated to Motivate?

Posted by Kathy Collins

November 13, 2014

Being a coach is not easy and on some days it can be quite exhausting. The trick is to keep your motivation for being a motivator! Sustaining motivation can be tough under the best of circumstances. 

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Sales Coaching: What I Won't Talk About Today

Posted by Stacia Jorgensen

November 11, 2014

How can I talk about sales coaching today when I’ve got this adorable face begging to play? This is Rubble. He arrived to our household yesterday.

Sure, I could relate his homecoming to the philosophies and importance of sales coaching here at the EcSell Institute. For example, I could talk about the prep work we have been doing in advance of Rubble’s arrival. This included discussions with my kids about the responsibilities that come with having a new pet. We had regular talks at our daily meetings (dinner time) to discuss the expectations for each household member once Rubble arrived. While I could slip in a discussion of the need to make these precious meeting times as effective and productive as possible, you could just check this out instead.

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Make less decisions to create more motivation

Posted by Sarah Wirth

November 10, 2014

If you are a parent, you probably remember when your child started becoming independent. First, they wanted to feed themselves their own Cheerios. Next, they tried to pick out their own clothes. And then, they insisted on holding their toothbrush when cleaning their teeth. All these little steps along the way were so meaningful to them because they were becoming “big” and you saw the pride on their face when they were able to do something by themself. This drive that your child displayed early on is the same drive that also fuels grown-ups – to have ownership over things in their life.

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How to Manage Your Millennials

Posted by Anna Schott

November 7, 2014

There’s currently been a shift in the workplace. That shift began when what is usually referred to as Millennials, or sometimes called Generation Y, entered the workforce. Being born around 1982-1996 this generation was raised during a period where a different set of values toward work and life were created. These values differ from the previous generation such as an expectation for quick advancement and hopping from one organization to the next. Keep in mind this is also a generation who came of age during a financial crisis with a harsh economic climate and know the struggles that came with it.

Managing this generation can be a struggle but as the EcSell Institute firmly believes and proves to be true, nothing impacts performance more than coaching. Today it is true that sales managers must be equipped to deal with any generation within their team. Creating a team with different ages and backgrounds is advantageous and something to strive for when hiring, but these individuals also learn, act, work, communicate and understand things differently. They’re motivated differently so there needs to be less emphasis devoted to what sales people do or don’t do right as opposed to how each individual functions.

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Sales Coaching: A Tale of a Savvy Sales VP

Posted by Sherri Daubert

November 6, 2014


Once upon a time, a savvy sales VP decided she wanted to improve her sales team performance by instilling a company culture of coaching.        A great coach surely would get her people all the latest and very best in sales methodology so she enlisted the aid of the finest sales trainers and consultants in all the land.   They trained, they learned, and the savvy sales VP even went so far as to get an app, where she and subsequently her managers could do on demand coaching with her people through their smart phones.    Very efficient, very techy and very cool.  

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Does Emotional Intelligence Impact Your Success?

Posted by Kathy Collins

October 30, 2014

The theory of emotional intelligence made it's first appearance in 1995, it served as the missing link in a peculiar finding: people with average IQs outperform those with the highest IQs 70% of the time. This new realization threw a huge wrench into what people had always assumed was the sole source of success—IQ. After decades of research, findings point to emotional intelligence as the partnering critical factor that sets high performers apart from everyone else.

Emotional intelligence is that  “something” in each of us that slightly intangible. It affects how we manage our behavior, navigate social situations, and make personal decisions that achieve positive results. Whether or not we are home, at work or anywhere in between, (EI) should be the lens we look through in order to sharpen our leadership skills.  Why?  According to Daniel Goleman, an American psychologist who helped bring the theory to the forefront, there are 5 main focus areas:

  • Self Awareness
  • Emotional Management
  • Motivation
  • Empathy
  • Social Skills
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Four Critical Sales Coaching Metrics Nobody Measures

Posted by Bill Eckstrom

October 29, 2014

It’s not that they are not tracked, but they are not even thought of.  Sales departments focus too much on what the sales people do or don’t do as opposed to focusing on those who coach them.  I can write (and have many times) more about this issue, but if sales leaders believe the performance of a team is a reflection of how that team is coached, why don’t they measure if coaching is occurring and if it is being done well?  Or more broadly, why don’t sales teams measure overall sales manager effectiveness?

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Sales Coaching: Simple Start - Listen

Posted by Stacia Jorgensen

October 28, 2014


Take a moment to ponder through your last 24 hours. Think about the conversations you had, the meetings, you attended, and the information you heard. For a sales professional, you probably spent a large portion of your day taking in information in some sort of auditory form. Now, think about it one-step deeper. How much of those interactions did you hear and to what portion of them did you listen?

From our Through the Eyes of the Sales Rep survey, reps tell us that listening is a highly important trait of an effective sales coach.   In fact, rep agreement that their manager always listens to them strongly correlates (has a relationship) with: 

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