Nothing Impacts Performance More Than Coaching

10 Sales Coaching FAQ's

Q.  Who are members of the EcSell Institute?
The EcSell Institute works with sales management teams across the globe representing a plethora of different industries and products. They range from agriculture to insurance, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, information services and many more.  Revenues range from 10’s of millions up to multiple billions (with sales department head count of 10 to 1,000.)

Q.  What makes the EcSell Institute different than other sales management training? 
First, EcSell only works with sales leaders, not sales producers, for sales growth always begins at the top.  Second, we educate & train management teams to a proven coaching methodology, provide management performance tracking, coaching effectiveness metrics, and continual coaching development programs.  

Q.  What is your ONE-UP coaching platform and is it included in membership?
ONE-UP is a cloud based technology that provides sales leaders a way to implement & track a coaching methodology and measure for coaching effectiveness.  Training & implementation of this critical tool is included in every membership.

Q.  Our organization is unique – how can EcSell benefit us?
Because each member is a unique business, we tailor how we work with each member organization.  We get to know you, your goals and customize what we do to fit your culture, market and growth objectives.

Q.  How do you help VP's of Sales?
EcSell will help sales executives understand the high pay-off activities, tools and behaviors their sales managers should be executing against each and every day.  We will provide metrics into manager effectiveness so VP’s know how to coach their sales management team to drive more sales. 

Q.  How can EcSell help our front-line sales managers drive more performance?
Front line managers will now understand how to most impact the sales people who report to them.  They will have a disciplined coaching methodology that focuses on what research shows are the high pay-off activities and tools that drive the most from sales producers.  This coaching methodology will be tracked for implementation and effectiveness.

Q.  How do we get our membership started?
Once all your goals are understood and questions are answered, you say “let’s go”.    A simple “Letter of Agreement” will need to be signed, a “kick-off” call will be set between our two teams, and from there we script your next 12-36 months of coaching improvement.  EcSell likes to work with a deliberate sense of urgency, but will move at a pace that is comfortable for each sales team.

Q.  How long does membership last? 
The initial Letter of Agreement with our members can range from 1-3 years.   But, regardless of the terms, 96% of EcSell members choose to renew when the initial term has expired.

Q.  How much does membership cost? 
Organizational membership investment varies, dependent upon the number of sales leaders employed.  EcSell has member organizations that invest less than $10K/year and those that invest more than $50K/year. 

Q.  What should we expect for a ROI? 
Those that are committed to execution and implementation are most successful with our membership.  EcSell members averaged over 28% new sales growth last year.