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Leaders and their teams take many different forms. We bring solutions to a myriad of organizations using one of the most robust databases of leadership research in the world.

For-Profit Companies

We work with your front-line & senior leaders directly to benefit the entire organization. Team members become happier and more productive, leaders hit their goals. No more wasted training dollars, high turnover, or stagnant growth.

Athletics & Sports Teams

We work with ADs & coaches to ensure your athletes are attaining both elite performance and a positive experience.  Athletes are most capable of achieving maximum growth when their coaches utilize our tools and expertise. Learn more here.

Schools & Education Systems

We work with superintendents & principals to help teachers become key mentors in students' lives. The education experience we help your teachers create is the best way to support student success, both in and outside of the classroom.

Ecsell Institute Coaching Leadership


Turning your leaders into high-performing coaches.
What We Do

Utilizing more than a decade of research, Ecsell Institute knows the exact behaviors and activities that make the best leaders. These things can be tracked and measured, which - crucially - means they can be targeted and improved. With the right set of tools and support, you can make elite leadership your organization's secret sauce. 

How We Do It

Our simple framework provides a development journey that's individualized, measurable, and engaging. Your leaders will learn exactly what the best coaches do differently, what gaps they have in their own leadership abilities, and the specific actions they can take to close those gaps.  Learn more about our process here

Why It Matters

Leaders are the number one reason that teams either succeed or fail. Average leadership is the often-overlooked reason that organizations aren’t hitting goals, resolving issues, or growing quickly. The problem is that most people think leadership is a soft skill, so they look for solutions in all the wrong places. Even when organizations know that leadership development is important, they struggle to know what to target and how to improve it. Ecsell Institute is here to help, because we want to create a world where everyone knows what great coaching feels like.

The Coaching Effect


Learn more with our best-selling book

Based on the research of over 100,000 workplace coaching interactions, The Coaching Effect helps leaders at all levels understand the necessity of challenging people out of their comfort zone and creating a high-growth organization. Leaders will learn how they can develop trust relationships, drive accountability, and leverage growth experiences to propel their team members to the highest levels of success.

Through both hard data and rich stories, authors Bill Eckstrom and Sarah Wirth demonstrate how leaders can measure and improve their coaching to lead their teams to better results.  

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The Coaching Effect
Documented Coaching Cloud Interactions
One-on-ones documented 
Coaching Cloud Resources
book based on the science and research of coaching


Here's what past clients have experienced when measuring and improving their leaders' effectiveness. 

"Ecsell has significantly strengthened our team. I appreciate that I have full visibility into the coaching activities my managers are performing with their sales teams. Our sales have never been better!"
Mike W.
President at Medical Devices Company
"One of the best management trainings we've had the good fortune to take part in. The feedback we've received from the team has been great. We look forward to continuing our journey to mastering high performance coaching with Ecsell Institute while utilizing their tools and growing to new heights as a team and organization - just watch us grow!"
Sue S.
National VP of Sales at Insurance Company
"Working with Ecsell Institute was a bright spot for me when I was in training, and I truly want everyone to recognize the unbelievable value that Ecsell brings."
Patrick A.
Director at Pharmaceuticals Company
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