Your growth is dependent on your SALES LEADERSHIP TEAM who is responsible for 7x more revenue than sales producers.

Coaching Methodology

Helps sales managers become better coaches and sales teams become better producers.

Research Based

Our sales coaching methodology and resources are based on over 75,000 documented coaching interactions.

The Impact of Great Coaching

Coaching is no longer a "soft skill" but a necessary, measurable skill that can maximize team performance through the development of processes, relationships and growth experiences.

The top 20%

of high performing coaches consistently coach more (quantity) and better (quality) when surveyed. 


Sales Goal Reached

is the average percent to goal reached by high performing (top 20%) coaches.

Additional Sales Revenue
$4.1 Million

is the average amount of ADDITIONAL revenue from the teams of high performing (top 20%) coaches. 

Sales Coaching Conversations

is the total increase in high payoff coaching activities completed by high performing (top 20%) coaches.

Sales Coaching Quality

is the increase in high payoff coaching QUALITY scores from high performing (top 20%) coaches.

Sales Coaching Impact

is the percentage of employees who would prefer a new boss vs. an increase in pay.

Sales Coaching Differentiators


Not all sales training organizations are created equally. We are not overly boisterous or flashy because our research speaks for itself. 

We work with frontline leaders.

Sales growth and improvement starts at the top because nothing impacts performance more than your frontline leadership team. Therefore, it is critical that executive leaders support the needed shift in thinking and behaviors.

This is why we work with all levels of sales leaders throughout our entire partnership.

EcSell consistently provides all sales leaders with data showing manager effectiveness, coaching metrics and specific recommendations for growth.

We MEASURE and quantify coaching effectiveness.

Our Through the Eyes of the Team™ Survey is the only tool on the market that can benchmark the coaching frequency and quality of sales leadership teams. 

After this, a coaching cloud is implemented to provide data and insights into how well and how often coaching is occurring.

Most importantly, we show how your managers’ coaching is impacting their teams’ performance. 

We actually care.

We don't treat your organization like a gym membership, rather we become your personal trainers.

Coaching activities and coaching concepts need to be frequently reinforced to make the most impact.

We take into consideration your unique goals, create a customized growth plan and support you along the way until you see favorable results. 

EcSell Institute Team
Documented Coaching Interactions
Coaching Resources 
Coaching Cloud Users
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Our clients, community and partners are living, breathing examples of the impact coaching has on their overall success. 

"EcSell has significantly strengthened our team. I appreciate that I have full visibility into the coaching activities my managers are performing with their sales teams. Our sales have never been better!"

Mike W.
"One of the best sales management trainings we've had the good fortune to take part in. The feedback we've received from the team has been great. We look forward to continuing our journey to mastering high performance coaching with the EcSell Institute while utilizing ONE-UP and growing to new heights as a team and organization - just watch us grow!"
Sue S.
National VP of Sales
"Choosing to partner with EcSell has proven to be an outstanding decision. We can see the results through the development of our front line sellers, not to mention the sales growth that has come along with that. On top of all this, we have had the opportunity to work with some terrific people and are definitely getting an outstanding return on our investment."
Mike D.
Executive Vice President
"Working with you guys was a bright spot for me when I was in training and I truly want everyone to recognize the unbelievable value that you bring."
Patrick A.
Sales Coaching Blog

Sales Coaching Blog

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