Measuring Manager Performance? 

You can't manage what you don't measure.

This white paper explains how we measure performance effectiveness.


4-Step Coaching Process

For those who see their leadership team as a way to grow sales.

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Why Sales Coaching Matters

Why Sales Coaching Matters

80%-90% of most training dollars are wasted without reinforcement or coaching. 

More in depth research found in our newly released E-Book.

Leadership Development Opportunities

Leadership Development Opportunities

Created for growth-minded individuals looking to further develop themselves.

Our clients not only measure sales coaching, but also  correlate sales coaching activities to sales team performance. Learn how sales departments are closing the sales manager information and performance gap in this descriptor. 

ONE-UP Descriptor

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Performance of a sales team has little to do with what a manager knows and everything to do with what a manager does.  The challenge then lies in knowing how well sales managers are coaching (quality), who they are coaching and how often are they coaching (quantity). That’s why the EcSell Institute provides strategies for the continual improvement of sales management teams across the world by helping sales teams implement a sustainable coaching methodology that can be measured to test the consistency and quality of sales coaching effectiveness. Why? You may ask. Because we know that improving a sales manager’s ability to coach and lead has the biggest impact on sales team results.

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Bill Eckstrom Interview

Follow and learn how we create world-class sales coaching teams.

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Through the Eyes of the Sales Rep Survey

The only tool today that can benchmark how well a sales manager can coach.

Through the Eyes of the Rep Survey (TTEOTR) is a cutting-edge research tool to help your organization assess the quality of your sales managers’ leadership. This 60-question survey asks your organization’s sales reps to provide you feedback on their experiences with their front-line manager. With the results, the EcSell Institute works with your organization to identify strength areas and areas for growth for your sales teams. Using this sales rep driven data, a Coaching Quality Score is calculated for each of your sales managers giving you a reliable and accurate assessment of their sales team leadership and the impact it is having on your organization’s bottomline.

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