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The Coaching Effect Performance System will help you understand the effectiveness of your managers while giving them a plan to execute against to become high performing coaches for their team members.

Measure Your Managers

The Coaching Effect Survey is the only tool that will measure your managers' coaching consistency and effectiveness because simply put, better coaching leads to better results. Learn more here

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Improve Your Managers

Data on your managers' effectiveness from The Coaching Effect Survey is best paired with an onsite or regional training day for your managers to understand how to become a more effective coach.

Empower Your Managers

Continued development and growth of your managers doesn't have to stop after training. Lean on us for continued education, measurement, and coaching effectiveness sales to goal correlations. 


Learn About The Coaching Effect

Whether you're a growth minded leader looking for ways to improve and develop within your role, a c-suite executive ready to prioritize your managers as a way to grow sales, or you're a consultant looking for ways to supplement your offerings, we've got something for you.
Read the Research

You base your decisions off of data, and that's exactly what you'll find in the best-selling book The Coaching Effect. It's based on over 100,000 coaching interactions in the workplace alongside our online resources, blog, and newsletter

Attend an Event

Attend a regional training day or a 2 1/2 day leadership summit. Both will give you a taste of what high performing coaching looks and feels like and presented by world renown speakers, researchers, and experts. 

Hire a Speaker

Bring The Coaching Effect to your next event or annual conference by hiring one of our highly sought after leadership speakers for a keynote or breakout session. 

The Coaching Effect


Get the Full Effect 

Based on the research of over 100,000 workplace coaching interactions, The Coaching Effect will help leaders at all levels understand the necessity of challenging people out of their comfort zone and create a high-growth organization. Leaders will learn how they can develop trust relationships, drive accountability, and leverage growth experiences to propel their team members to the highest levels of success.

Through both hard data and rich stories, author Bill Eckstrom and Sarah Wirth demonstrate how leaders can measure and improve their coaching to lead their teams to better results.  

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The Coaching Effect
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book based on the science and research of coaching


Here's what past clients have experienced when measuring and improving their managers' effectiveness. 

"EcSell has significantly strengthened our team. I appreciate that I have full visibility into the coaching activities my managers are performing with their sales teams. Our sales have never been better!"
Mike W.
President at Medical Devices Company
"One of the best sales management trainings we've had the good fortune to take part in. The feedback we've received from the team has been great. We look forward to continuing our journey to mastering high performance coaching with the EcSell Institute while utilizing ONE-UP and growing to new heights as a team and organization - just watch us grow!"
Sue S.
National VP of Sales at Insurance Company
"Working with the EcSell Institute was a bright spot for me when I was in training, and I truly want everyone to recognize the unbelievable value that EcSell brings."
Patrick A.
Director at Pharmaceuticals Company
"Choosing to partner with EcSell has proven to be an outstanding decision. We can see the results through the development of our front line sellers, not to mention the sales growth that has come along with that. On top of all this, we have had the opportunity to work with some terrific people and are definitely getting an outstanding return on our investment."
Mike D.
Executive Vice President at Publicly Traded Consumer Goods Company
The Coaching Effect Blog


Our research is based on 100,000+ coaching interactions in the workplace.

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