Elite Mindset


    Part II of this series will advance beyond mental health into the science and best practices mindset play in peak performance. (Watch Part I Here)

    Bill Eckstrom and Dr. Larry Widman will bring together the worlds of business and athletics to share what great coaches and leaders do to create teams that are able to Max-Out. Dr. Widman will share the principles from his newly released book, Max-Out Mindset, that are utilized by peak performing athletic teams throughout the country, complimented with EcSell Institute’s acclaimed research on the behaviors of high achieving leaders.

    What You'll Learn:

    1. The philosophy and foundation of high performance
    2. How to identify and how to train the four building blocks of an elite mindset
    3. How to train the four ingredients of an elite mindset

    The gap from great to elite is always closed by improving skills, but the skill most needed to close the gap is MINDSET!

    Your Host: 

    Untitled design (6)Bill Eckstrom, CEO of EcSell Institute & EcSell Sports

    Bill is not just passionate about growth and performance, but truly obsessed - that’s why he founded a company solely to research it and wrote a best-selling book on it. He is now the world’s foremost authority in metric-based performance coaching & growth. You can connect with Bill on LinkedIn here

    Special Guest:

    Larry RoundLarry Widman, M.D., High Performance Coach

    Dr. Larry Widman has over twenty years of experience as a Performance Psychiatrist working as an Elite Mindset Coach. Dr. Widman works with CEOs, professional athletes, Olympians, and multiple NCAA Teams and high schools.

    He has been integral in five NCAA Division I National Championships, helping them develop elite mindset skills and Ultimate Trust within their Teams. Dr. Widman is co-founder of Performance Mountain, a consulting firm specializing in education, training and providing the tools to motivate and develop elite mindsets and winning culture across business, sport and life.

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    EcSell Institute

    The Leaders in Metric-Based Performance Coaching 

    Founded in 2008, the EcSell Institute is known as the only organization that measures the impact coaching effectiveness has on employee performance. Since then, EcSell has collected and researched almost 200,000 documented coaching interactions and works with a myriad of businesses, athletic teams, and school systems to ensure leaders, coaches, and teachers are receiving research-backed coaching data and improvement strategies to achieve maximum performance.

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