Coaching Methodology

Nothing Impacts performance more than coaching

Our Methodology

It has been helping sales departments across the world grow sales year after year. Your organization can too by successfully executing these four steps effectively.


Our cutting-edge survey will help senior leaders benchmark the coaching frequency and coaching quality of their managers while providing insight on the impact frontline managers are having on sales results. The survey is completed by those who work directly with these managers - the sales reps. 


EcSell will lead an academy with your team's front-line leaders where they will learn more about coaching than they have in their entire management career. Managers will leave with a deeper understanding about the impact of coaching, the activities proven to grow sales and coaching best practices on how much to coach and how to coach well.


This is when your unique coaching playbook is being utilized and reinforced. Our service team holds monthly coaching huddles with our clients to ensure what was learned is being applied. Without this effective follow-up strategy, your money and time spent on measuring and educating your front-line leaders is wasted.

Track & Analyze

The first three steps are insignificant if technology is not utilized to bring real-time insights to coaching frequency and quality, hence the development of the ONE-UP Coaching Cloud.

Surveyed Sales Reps
Coaching Resources
ONE-UP Coaching Cloud Users
Documented Coaching activities

Client Testimonials

Our clients improve sales year after year. Here's how the methodology has impacted their success.
"The feedback we've received from the team about working with you has been great. When asked to describe their time with you, we heard: extremely valuable, timely - we needed new material, refreshing, invigorating and energizing. You should have heard them quote some of the statistics you conveyed to us, it was almost verbatim. You spoke words and provided information in a manner we grasped, embraced and will take away with us.

Another indicator that they were engaged - we've already been asked when they will receive the flash drive with contents from the academy!"
Sue S.
National VP of Sales

"I want to let you know that it’s been great working with your team. They have added value along the way and are very professional and responsive in their interactions with our team.

I feel like we are in good hands with them, especially with Sarah during the monthly calls.

Lastly, we are working hard to be sure we show results and I am glad they are part of this effort."

John K.
Sales Operations Manager

"I've watched too many organizations promote their top rep to manager only to have them descend into mediocrity. The EcSell Institute provides a way for you to avoid this costly mistake. 

Bill Eckstrom and his team are thought leaders in sales coaching.  I've worked with them for over three years and I've seen first-hand how their research based programs deliver the discipline and structure that sales managers need to be successful.

Lisa Earle McLeod
Bestselling Author of Selling with Noble Purpose I Sales Leadership Expert President at I McLeod & More, Inc.

"Our organization became a member of the EcSell Institute because we know that continuing education is not only essential, it is an on-going process. 

Our market, like many others, is highly competitive and the EcSell Institute helped us ensure our sales managers stay current with the latest proven sales management techniques and strategies." 

Tom H.
Here's an example of an organization who executed against our methodology 
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