Sales Manager Key Activities


    The Activities

    Based on over 150,000 coaching interactions from sales manager to sales person. 

    In this white paper you will learn . . . 

    •  The 5 essential activities managers should complete in order to impact sales
    • How often the activities should be carried out
    • The standard of excellence or quality each activity should be executed against
    • The overall impact of these activities on sales people and sales results
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    Sales Manager Key Activities

    Sales Coaching Activity Breakdown

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    Sales Manager Key Activities

    Sales Coaching: 

    The act of improving the coaching ability of the sales manager

    Sales Coach:

    Otherwise known as "Sales Manager" 

    High Payoff Coaching (HPC) Activities:

    The five concrete and specific interactions that managers should consistently carry out that promote greater sales performance by the members of their sales team 

    Through the Eyes of the Sales Rep (TESR) Survey:

    A web-based survey administered to sales reps of EcSell member organizations. The purpose of this survey is to gather data about experiences and beliefs from the sales rep’s perception regarding coaching behaviors carried out by their sales manager

    1. One-to-One Meetings

    A one-to-one meeting consists of time set aside by the sales manager to meet individually with each member of his or her sales team. Our research suggests these meetings be conducted on a monthly or more frequent basis. One-to-one meetings offer time for the sales manager to connect with the sale rep on a more personal level where a stronger relationship can be established. Both personal and business elements can and should be discussed during these meetings.

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    2. Sales Call Evaluations (SCE)

    The purpose of a SCE is to allow the sales coach and the sales rep to discuss what took place during a sales call encounter with a client. By doing so, sales reps gain insight into what they did well and where they can/should improve during their client interactions. This process also allows for more consistent and documented feedback to be shared and maintained on an organizational level. 

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    3. Joint Call Plans (JCP)

    Prior to meeting with a client, a JCP allows the sales manager and sales rep to strategize how they will conduct a meeting with a prospective client. There are many useful outcomes of a well prepared JCP such as understanding the role the manager and rep will each take during the interaction, what information to bring to the table, and establishment of the outcome desired from the interaction. JCPs make it possible for the manager and rep to have a tentative road map for how the client meeting will proceed. 

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    4. Career Discussions

    Career Discussions are opportunities for sales managers and sales reps to discuss future development needs and aspirations of the sales rep. These discussions allow the manager to better understand the mindset and motivations of the team member. Doing so allows the manager to match future professional, personal, and general developmental opportunities that encourage sales rep engagement in and satisfaction with the work. 

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    5. Team Meetings

    Team Meetings are often a staple in business organizations. Simply, team meetings are a gathering of team members where information is shared. Team meetings can take many shapes and forms; however, the main purpose of these interactions is to promote communication and a sense of connectedness between individuals working towards the same goal. This definition is in opposition to a traditional definition of these meetings where information is largely pushed down from leader to subordinate. HPC team meetings should be collaborative and engaging where all parties give and receive.

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