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Founded in 2008, Ecsell Institute is the only organization that measures the impact coaching effectiveness has on team & individual performance. We've researched more than 300,000 documented coaching interactions to develop one of the world's most robust databases on leadership. and works with a myriad of businesses, athletic teams, and school systems to ensure employees, athletes, and students are receiving research-backed coaching to achieve maximum performance.

Our Vision
Our Vision

A world where everyone knows what great coaching feels like.

Our Mission
Our Mission

To measure and improve the coaching effectiveness of leaders in order to drive more performance from their team members. 



Our Values
Our Values

We embrace growth opportunities // We celebrate curiosity // We are painfully collaborative // We disrupt through research // We lead with love // We are unapologetically real 

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We Turn Your Leaders Into Coaches

Your leaders and managers have the most impact on performance, which is why we are committed to helping you measure their effectiveness and help them improve to become high-performing coaches. We stand firm in these pillars:  

Measure What Matters

We are passionate about getting you the metrics you need to make strategic decisions about your managers. The Coaching Effect Survey provides leaders with that data. It measures the coaching effectiveness of your managers by surveying those that are most affected: the team members. This gives the most raw insight into how often and how well your managers are coaching while providing a benchmark to build upon. 

Train with purpose

As a senior leader or owner, you have a lot on your plate. Finding a training organization that's a good fit, and not a bunch of fluff, is likely the last on your list of priorities. 

That's where we come in. We'll work along side you and understand your training needs and goals for your leadership team. Together, we'll figure out which steps in the process make the most sense for you in order to improve the performance of your leaders, and ultimately their teams. 

Make it fun

By incorporating The Coaching Effect Academy and/or Summit, we'll help you make ongoing learning an engaging, experiential event you can't find anywhere else. Your leaders will leave with more motivation and clarity on how to become a high-performing coach for their team. Sign up for event updates and see for yourself! 


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