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In 2003 Bill Eckstrom, Senior Vice President of Business Development for a publicly traded healthcare company, had just completed an extensive sales methodology training program. And though sales were increasing he still didn’t feel as though the team was hitting on all cylinders.  After much investigation Bill understood the performance gap was not in how they were selling, but how sales managers were "coaching" sales people. This discovery and resulting lack of resources spawned the idea for the EcSell Institute.

Our Vision
Our Vision

A world where everyone knows what great coaching feels like.

Our Mission
Our Mission

To help leaders elevate their coaching effectiveness in order to drive more performance from their team. 



Our Values
Our Values

We embrace growth opportunities I We celebrate curiosity I We are painfully collaborative We disrupt through research I We lead with love I We are unapologetically real 

Sales Coaching

We provide growth solutions . . . 

Specifically to sales departments by focusing on and working only with sales leaders, not sales producers.  All EcSell programming is developed as a result of our extensive and on-going performance research from sales departments throughout the world.  Solutions are tailored to the specific needs of each organizational member, and delivered to them in a variety of mediums: 

Leading Edge Consultative Coaching

Sales leaders constantly feel the pressures associated with reaching consistent top line revenue growth, but aren't sure how to do that year after. 

This is why senior sales leaders choose to work with with us. They gain a sigh of relief knowing that our measurable 4-Step Sales Coaching Process partnered with our talented client services team will provide the needed clarity, visibility, reinforcement and process making it an evolution, not a revolution.

Proven Data on Manager Effectiveness

For decades, sales leaders have had no idea what their sales managers are doing, or not doing, to impact the productivity, engagement or motivation of sales producers. 

It wasn't until our cutting edge Through the Eyes of the Team™ Survey was introduced to sales departments that they realized they were missing 50% of the information they needed to help boost sales year after year. 

This tool, along with the ONE-UP Sales Coaching Cloud, are the only tools on the market that can benchmark the coaching frequency and quality of sales leadership teams. 

They help senior executives assess the coaching effectiveness of their leadership team, provide information needed by HR to make better decisions and give managers the opportunity to grow and improve their coaching skills. 

Support & Community

There is a lot of noise about sales coaching, training and development of sales leaders out there, and not all of it is derived from trusted sources or networks with sales leaders' best interest at heart. 

This is why EcSell Institute differentiated itself over 10 years ago as a value-based, community driver of the development of sales coaching strategies, tools and best practices for sales managers and executives. 

We did this through our annual gatherings of sales leaders  to learn from world renowned thought leaders in the areas of coaching, leadership and management. 

To this day EcSell Institute continues to hold a one day Sales Management Academy and Sales Coaching Summit that attracts leaders from across the world. 

Grow with us

Whether you want to join our community as a client, become an independent sales partner or collaborate on a project specific to sales leadership or coaching, we would love to hear from you. 
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