Sales growth begins with sales leaders, not sales reps.

About EcSell Institute

In 2003, Bill Eckstrom was Senior Vice President of Business Development for a publicly traded healthcare company.  They had just completed an extensive sales methodology training program, and though sales were increasing he still didn’t feel as though the team was hitting on all cylinders.  After much investigation Bill understood the performance gap was not in how they were selling, but how they were “coaching sales." This discovery and resulting lack of resources spawned the idea for the EcSell Institute and sales management training.

Sales Leadership Challenge

Sales leaders have a clear purpose—hit and exceed the sales goal!

Research continually proves that the performance of a team is a reflection of how that team is coached, yet there is little understanding of what sales leader coaching activities, tools and behaviors most move the performance needle.  Sales leaders want to help their teams grow, but most sales departments don’t employ a sales coaching methodology or a management process that can be tracked and measured for effectiveness. Sales coaching and management is not a soft skill, but one that when properly executed and measured, produces hard metrics and performance improvement information.  No longer do senior sales leaders have to “hope” their management team is doing all the activities that most impact sales.

EcSell provides growth solutions to sales departments by focusing on and working only with sales leaders, not sales producers.  All EcSell programming is developed as a result of our extensive and on-going performance research from sales departments throughout the world.  Solutions are tailored to the specific needs of each organizational member, and delivered to them in a variety of mediums: 

  • The ONE-UP Coaching Cloud:  Cloud-based technology that provides sales leaders a way to implement and track a sales coaching methodology and measure for coaching effectiveness
  • Sales Coaching Summits and Academies:  Semi-annual gatherings of sales leaders/coaches/managers to learn from world renowned thought leaders in the areas of coaching, leadership and management
  • Client Development & Strategy:  We preach the importance of relationships, continual development, and their impact on performance—so we walk the talk.  Each member has unique sales management challenges, opportunities and growth strategies that are regularly addressed with the EcSell member services team. We also provide all members a litany of self-directed sales management training and sales coaching development resources

Ensuring Success

To maximize sales performance and ensure results, EcSell utilizes a proven, disciplined sales coaching process when working with our clients:

- Measure

- Educate and Train

- Implement

- Analyze

It is this program's delivery of best practices that consistently allows EcSell Institute clients to exceed their growth targets.

Investing on sales management education will have huge results. Contact us to take the next step to grow sales and productivity.

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