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The "Growth Rings"

Originally Featured as a TEDx Talk

After documenting and researching over 75,000 coaching interactions in the workplace, EcSell President Bill Eckstrom shares life-altering, personal and professional development ideas through the introduction of the “Growth Rings". 

How does EcSell use the "Growth Rings" with its clients?

Growth only occurs in a state of discomfort, and discomfort we are to organizations.  

As a client of EcSell, your managers are equipped with education, tools and resources to become high performing coaches in an environment supportive of getting out of order and into complexity to drive growth.

The "Growth Rings" are woven into every step of the coaching process - from the onsight academy to the monthly coaching calls to the tracking of managers' coaching activities in ONE-UP

Everything we do is done with your company's growth in mind. 

Where can I learn more about the "Growth Rings"?

We're happy you asked! 

We have joined forces with two fantastic partners who are building two very different platforms: 

  • one will serve as educational modules focused on the "Growth Rings" message and shared with schools across the country, and
  • the other will be an app that has the capability to track your personal growth goals from start to finish. 

Until these two projects are complete, you can subscribe to our blog, newsletter or our upcoming book updates here where we continue to share free content and value to help you GROW! 

Can I hire Bill to speak at my next event?

Yes. Bill has spoken to audiences across the world and is rated as one of Vistage's highly rated speakers. He has been said to be: 

"One of the best speakers we've had."
"Welcome back in the future. Was proud to have him speak to my team."
"One of the best presenters for CEO's. I came away inspired!"


His 2018 calendar is quickly filling up with the release of our new book in the Spring. So contact us now to book Bill as a speaker at your next event. 

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The first Growth Ring represents a low performing, or negative growth environment. It is exemplified by needing to follow too many steps and minutia that stifles creativity, independent thought and action.



Next to Stagnation is the most desirable environment, Order. Order is knowing what you do or what is happening in your environment leads to a predictable outcome, and predictability is what brings you comfort. But comfort, is what makes Order so dangerous. 



Complexity occurs when Order is changed. This makes outcomes unpredictable and it is unpredictability that makes you uncomfortable. This discomfort can lead to sustained or exponential growth - especially when done properly by managers.  




The last ring, Chaos, is being in a state of zero to no control of the inputs or outputs, otherwise thought of as being out of control or pure insanity. Almost no growth or development happens in this state of severe turmoil.  

Getting #OutofOrder 

Share your experience about growth through discomfort by using the hashtag #OutofOrder on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.
"I think the best decision I ever made was to get #OutofOrder and apply to medical school. The insights I learned from the "Growth Rings" helped me make that decision. How can you know what you're capable of until you throw yourself into discomfort?"
Emily Olig
Student of Medicine at University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health Sciences

"For months at the office we have been coasting and not pushing the envelope. This Talk made me realize we need to “get uncomfortable”! Now I’m trying to think of ways to drive complexity throughout our business in order to grow."

Eric Loftus
Owner, US Home Mortgage

"Sometimes we enable people to not move into complexity. As a school counselor often times I want to help fix a situation which may keep a student from experiencing complexity where growth truly happens. It has made me more aware of helping people embrace what may be scary and unknown in order not to deprive them of the opportunity to grow and experience the joy that comes through struggling."

Jennifer Bass
School Counselor

"Wow. This really set things straight for me. We can only reach our full potential by engaging in discomfort. I’m 18 and this is what I needed to hear before entering the world as an adult."

Connnor Finerty
Student at Western Michigan University

"My 5-year old son watched this Talk and said, “I think my bed is too comfortable. Do you we need to do something about that?”

I told him I would ask Bill to get back to him."

Neal Benedict
President of Silver Brick Management Solutions
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