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    How's Your Team's Morale?

    by Jaime Davis-Thomas / October 5, 2009

    Would you be suprised to learn that research has found that salesperson morale is a defining characteristic of sales productivity? 

    The Gallup Organization defines Morale as: 

     ...the emotional attachment or sense of engagement a salesperson has for his or her job. We know that engagement has a direct and meaningful relationship to the results every sales manager gets paid to deliver. Sales teams with high engagement levels are more productive, more profitable, and develop far more sustainable customer relationships.  (GMJ, 2002)

    According to research, there is a clear correlation between engagement (morale) and an employee's plans to stay with the organization (Blessing White, 2008).  According to Gallup, an individual's level of engagement with the company can be summed up by answering the following 12 questions ("Q12"). How would your sales team members answer these questions true/false questions?

    Gallup Q12

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