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Paying attention

Posted by Will Kloefkorn

October 2, 2009

I once asked the wisest person I know what is the secret to being successful in life? His response was simple; pay attention. Pay attention to everything you do in life and pay attention to what others around you are doing so that you are always learning. Learn from your achievements and your mistakes, learn about history and the future, learn from the brightest minds, and learn from the mistakes of ignorant minds. Pay attention and you will forever be learning and progressing.

For sometime now I have been paying close attention to sales managers. What I have learned, through paying attention, is that an overwhelming number of sales managers are not paying attention - to their own professional development.

Research shows that a sales team's productivity and revenue are in direct correlation with the management acumen and leadership abilities of the sales manager of that team. So why are so many sales organizations doing so little when it comes to investing in the professional development of their sales managers?  My simple assessment; they are not paying attention to the research and science that is more available now than ever which details how to be successful in today's sales 2.0 world.

We live in a world of complex and rapid change. Pay attention sales managers; if you are not learning you are not leading.







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