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4 Key Sales Tactics When Selling to Different Generations. WEBINAR

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

September 29, 2009

In today's business world, we have three generations of sales people selling to three generations of buyers - Baby Boomers, GenX and millennials. Our October Sales Management Webinar will share research showing that each generation of buyer varies greatly in how they participate in the sales cycle, what communication and channels they prefer, and even their buying drivers. They also have distinct preferences in the behavior, attitude, and approach they want from their sales representatives.

In this webinar, Dr. David Brookmire, a leading authority on generational dynamics, will review the findings of his recent study on generational buying trends among three generations of B2B buyers. He will provide specific strategies, techniques, and tips that sales professionals can apply to more effectively reach, engage and sell to multiple generations of buyers.

The four-part checklist would cover:

  1. The right time: how each generation of buyer participates in the sales process
  2. The right content: the sales materials that influence each generation
  3. The right channel: preferred communication channels by generation
  4. The right approach: the selling style and behaviors each generation rate highest

Every sales professional, no matter what their generation, will benefit from an understanding and awareness of the generational differences of their buyers;

Learn more and register online! CLICK HERE  or load:

You should also check out the research document we have posted in our Resource Library page, under the Sales Methodology & Sales Skills Development Pillar called "Selling Across The Generations" .

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