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Social Networking versus Professional Networking

Posted by Bill Eckstron

October 1, 2009


At EcSELL's last sales management webinar, we began with a four minute video ( that was orchestrated by Erik Qualman, founder of  The video highlighted, with startling statistics, the growth of social media in our society along with some of its impact. 

What I took away from the mind boggling numbers is the amazing need for people to "belong and connect".  Maslow was pretty accurate with his hierarchy of needs, but I had no idea how dead on that ol' boy was.  Networking, being a part of a community, can be a benefit to the participants in many ways, especially if the community's purpose is to promote or build a greater good.

Don't get me wrong, companies should not promote social networking for their associates while at the office, but I do believe there is a place for "professional networking".  Linked In?  Nah.  Facebook?  Nope.  While those have a place with your talent identification and acquisition programs, I'm referring to a professional network that can share best practices and solve real business problems for your sales management team, and hence, your sales department.  Do your sales managers have a resource that can help them drive greater productivity?  Check out what the EcSELL community can do for your sales management team.

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