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    Underutilization of the Sales Management Asset

    by Bill Eckstrom / October 7, 2009


    I am enamored with the impact Sales Managers have on the output of sales teams, it is truly what drives us as EcSELL.  But, my biggest pet peeve is wasted talent or anyone who is not working towards being great at something.

    Organizations expect too little from their sales management team.  As a Senior Sales Manager, it is the sales management roles that I would expect to develop and move into more executive positions within the organization.  There are not many other roles that encompass such a broad view of the market and your business.  So, what are you doing to help your sales management team grow their skills and productivity?

    The sad part is the lack of resources being put against this important asset.  The talent it takes to be great at leading sales teams, in many ways, is the same talent that can lead departments or entire organizations.  Over 90% of Sales Managers surveyed believe their organization has an obligation to provide development resources to sales associates and more than 70% put their money where their mouth is.  90% of the same managers also believe their own development is "as important" or "more important" than that of sales associates, yet only 40% do anything to improve.  And, if you broke that down further to improving the way they lead and manager their sales teams, the improvement number falls below 10%.  This is unacceptable, no matter how you break apart the number.  I can't think of a Sales Manager that would accept a sales associate doing nothing to improve their skills-without which, increases in sales won't occur.  Yet, senior Sales Managers accept this lack of improvement from their sales management teams.

    Don't expect improved sales results without starting the improvement process with Sales Managers. 

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    Bill Eckstrom

    Bill Eckstrom

    William Eckstrom is the CEO and Founder of the EcSell Institute. Bill has spent his entire career in the sales management and leadership arena. In 2008, he founded the EcSell Institute to fill a void he witnessed and personally experienced in the sales leadership profession. He's went on to present a viral TEDx Talk and co-authored the best-selling book, "The Coaching Effect."

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