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Posted by Bill Eckstrom

November 18, 2009


Sales 2.0--while a strong marketing tagline, it may prove to be just a tagline if those in sales management can't first learn how to build and develop high performing teams.  Technology should enhance already high performing sales teams, but it will not be a substitute for a Sales Manager's inability to properly lead, manage and coach.  Technology does not drive productivity, sales leaders and managers drive productivity! 

Has the essence of sales truly changed?  Sales associates prospect, meet with and do their best to understand the needs of their prospects and customers.  Sales associates offer products and services to meet those needs and then, hopefully, provide service that exceeds expectations.  Has technology made some of those processes more efficient and effective?  Absolutely, and we utilize many of them at EcSELL.  But, let's not lose track of what initially drives productivity. 

Has the essence of sales management changed?  EcSELL's research and the science of our partners show the areas that drive sales productivity have not changed-the revenue produced by sales teams is still, and will always be, a reflection of the way they are lead, managed and coached. 

Most every organization provides their sales department continuing education that is product or market driven, which is a good thing.  Most every organization has a strategy for the way they sell and service, but again, few have a strategy to improve the way they lead, manage and coach sales teams.  According to Jim Dickie of CSO Insights, less than 10% provide any sort of development that is focused on those critical skills.  Most have no strategy for improving the skills that, according to science, have the most significant affect on your sales team's productivity. 

Sales 2.0-understand it, implement the technological strategies it promotes, but don't forget what has the most significant affect on productivity-leadership, management and coaching.  Technology does not compensate for a poor or un-skilled Sales Manager. 

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