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Sales Manager Conference—What is your excuse?

Posted by Bill Eckstrom

February 14, 2010

bill ekstrom

Posted by:  Bill Eckstrom, President, EcSELL Institute 

I try and remain objective when reviewing the title and content of our upcoming Sales Manager conference.    Would it have drawn me in my previous role as a Sr. VP Sales?  Will the instructors help our attendees be more equipped to "hit their number"?

There are two points I wish to make in this blog:

  1. The need for Sales Managers to always be learning and improving their skills so they can help their team "hit the number"
  2. The impact leadership and coaching has on sales team revenue

Let's look at #1 in terms of a succinct analogy.  Assume for a minute you were told you had a brain tumor.  You have a choice of two physicians, one of whom spends all day, every day, seeing patients.  When you ask him about continuing education/professional development, the Doc acknowledges the importance, but is just too busy-he lets you know his appointment book is full for the next 90 days!  The second physician also sees patients and is also very busy, but multiple times/year she leaves town to learn about the latest techniques, strategies and technologies for treating brain tumors.  She also seeks programming that helps her be a more effective communicator so her patients are more compliant with their care-she is always searching for ways to be more effective in her role.  Do I need to ask which physician you would rather see?  Which Sales Manager would your sales reps like to have leading and coaching them-the one that is always striving to be more effective or the one that is too busy to learn?

Fact:  Leadership and coaching affect the revenue sales teams produce.  Our research supports this as does the research of many organizations-it is not even arguable.  The challenge is most Sales Executives/Managers don't have an opportunity to understand the difference between great coaches and leaders, let alone what they can do to improve their own skills.   When promoted to a Sales Manager role they are expected to know it all, or be intelligent enough to understand their own shortcomings and seek improvement.  Plus, it is humbling for one to take an objective look at how they lead and coach, let alone their effectiveness.    Regardless of the reasoning, the cost of no professional development is millions in lost sales revenue and opportunities.

The EcSELL Institute Summit was created with the understanding and impact leadership and coaching has on the revenue produced by sales teams.  Are you too busy to attend?

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