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6 Reasons Executives Grant Meetings With Salespeople

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

March 11, 2010

Posted by: Kristi Shoemaker, VP Marketing, EcSELL Institute

Webinar after webinar, we hear from our instructors and audience members that more and more purchase decisions are being pushed up to the C-level.  We have experienced it personally at EcSELL Institute.  That said, do your sales reps understand how to sell to the "Cs"?

A recently published research study, conducted by EcSELL Institute partner SellXL, outlines the SIX REASONS why an executive or C-level would be willing to meet with a sales rep

1.  A recommendation from a credible source within the executive's organization (the top reason to grant access)

2. An external referral from a respected source (business associate, consultant or friend)

3.  An existing relationship with the seller (or the seller's company)

4.  The reputation of the salesperson's company

5.  An identified need for the product or service the salesperson is offering

6. The timing of the salesperson's request for the meeting (related to the buying cycle)

Join us at our upcoming Sales Management Webinar on March 26 at 10PST /12CST / 1 EST where Dr. Steve Bistritz, Founder and President of and author of the recently published book - Selling to the C-Suite will present all of the finding from this research and provide best practices for selling to the C-level - THE RIGHT WAY!

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