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    Strategic Sales Planning Retreats

    by Bill Eckstrom / May 13, 2010

     bill ekstrom  EcSELL's fiscal year begins July 1 and it is time for us to get out of the office and spend a day envisioning and mapping our future.  By the way--every team leader, Sales Manager, Sales Executive, etc., should sit down with their respective team a minimum of annually and plan the following year. 

    For us,  in order to keep our agenda crystal clear, all discussion debate and decisions will always revolve around two primary business objectives, of which our team knows specifics ahead of time.  Those objectives are:

      1. Member renewal rate
      2. New member acquisition

    Obviously, there are many items that affect the above and many other sub-goals will be created and decided upon during the retreat.  But, research shows greater success with fewer (three or less), more clearly understood primary goals.

    At out planning retreat each team leader will present to the balance of our group, focusing only 10% on where their department has been and how they got to where they are.  But, 90% is dedicated to what they believe their department needs to be and how we will accomplish their respective goals.  Functionally, at the retreat each department leader has 1.5 hours of time to use how they wish and there are no boundaries to how they present or engage our group.

    There are three requirements and results of our planning retreats, regardless of past success each department must show...

      • Positive change (staying the same is not an option)
      • Executable plans to achieve objective
      • Metric driven decisions

    So, our department leaders will come to our "special retreat location" to present, engage and brainstorm.  Personally, I will visit with our team leaders if they ask or need help, but each know they have the creativity and informal authority to make any recommendations.

    We are only limited by budgets and our own ability to imagine great successes. 


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    Bill Eckstrom

    Bill Eckstrom

    William Eckstrom is the CEO and Founder of the EcSell Institute. Bill has spent his entire career in the sales management and leadership arena. In 2008, he founded the EcSell Institute to fill a void he witnessed and personally experienced in the sales leadership profession. He's went on to present a viral TEDx Talk and co-authored the best-selling book, "The Coaching Effect."

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