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5 Sales Coaching Sessions That Help Sales Reps Grow

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

May 24, 2010

Posted by: Kristi Shoemaker, Marketing, EcSELL Institute 

During our Sales Management Webinar last Friday, our instructor Philippe LeBaron, president of LB4G Consulting, provided direction on five coaching sessions that every  field sales manager should conduct each week. The webinar also included a sample time management planning calendar for sales managers

The 5 Key Coaching Activities that Fields Sales Managers should do each week with their sales producers are:

1. Joint Sales Calls 

  • 5 to 8 a week in a high growth environment (solution sale)
  • Focused on developing the rep and the business in this account
  • Prepared and debriefed by the Sales Manager with the sales rep
  • The actual sales call is led by the sales rep

2. 121 Sales Coaching Process

  • Monthly process for each sales rep
  • Focused on stretching the sales rep
  • The best and only opportunityto really push your reps' hot buttons
  • Sales manager should be prepared,same as youwould for a customer call
  • GROW Model + Value Added Inspection

3. Deal Review Meetings

  • For strategic deals/accounts
  • One to many process (invite support people such as marketing, support, executives etc.)
  • Focused on securing and closing the deal
  • Led by the rep, facilitated by you as a sales manager

4. Pizza Training Session (over lunch hour or breakfast)

  • Focused on developing the reps
  • Team building exercises for the sales team
  • Practice time with role playing
  • Led by the Sales Manager
  • Designed to stretch sales reps out of their comfort zone (learning by doing)

5. Team Leading Process

  • Activity driving process
  • Riskiest process for the SalesManager
  • Most powerful process for driving behavior change
  • Connects weekly goals to activity
  • Peer 2 peer influencing opportunity
  • THE process that should establish you as the leader (when done well)

Below is a Field Sales Manager's Weekly Plan. 

Let us know how you spend your week.  How many hours do you spend with each of your reps? What sales coaching activities do you do weekly? monthly?

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