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    20 Best Places to look for Sales Management Jobs

    by Jaime Davis-Thomas / June 29, 2010

    Sales Managers are one of the most important occupations in a corporation. Sales Managers include such positions as "Vice President of Sales", "Director of Sales", "Regional Sales Manager", or even "Business Development Executive". With an annual average salary of $110,00 Sales Managers are the 24th highest paid occupation in the US (out of more than 800). Taking out dentists, surgeons, physicians and associated specialties, Sales Managers are the 11th best paid workers in the United States.

    Like most occupations, Sales Managers have been hit hard by the economic downturn. There were 18,000 online  job ads for Sales Managers in the United States in August 2009 – a drop of 7,000, or 30% compared to the 25,000 online job ads posted the previous August. However, it is still possible for Sales Managers to find work: there are 333,000 Sales Managers in the US, which means that in August alone there was one job ad for every 19.5 Sales Managers.

    WANTED Technologies identified the top 15 best places to look for sales management positions in the US by tabulating the number of job postings. They discovered the following:

    In the first chart, you see the number of job ads per month over a three-year period for Sales Managers thru August 2009 

    Number of SM Job Postings by Month (3yr) 

     Next are the geographic hot-spots

    heat map SM Jobs datatable

    Four cities in New York State – New York, Binghamton, Rochester, and Buffalo – figure in the top 10 cities for Sales Managers to look for a new position, according to Wanted Analytics S/D Ratios data. The Albany area is ranked 18th.

    Other interesting areas are Washington DC, Baltimore MD, Boston MA, Denver CO, and Pittsburgh PA.

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