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5 Fundamental Attributes of Effective, Happy Sales Leaders

Posted by Jaime Davis-Thomas

October 6, 2010

5 Fundamental Attributes of Effective, Happy Sales Leaders

By Jaime Davis-Thomas, Director of Research & Publications, EcSELL Institute

Our Pillar Partner, The Institute for Health & Human Performance, (IHHP) recently concluded their 7-year study examining the Fundamental Attributes of Effective Leaders.

According to IHHP, the Fundamental Attributes are about:

"...Thinking and behaving in ways that help you manage yourself under pressure and in difficult moments to attain enduring well-being and performance. At its core are attributes that are not context-specific, and are conducive to enduring high performance across a wide variety of jobs, vocations, and industry sectors. It drives performance regardless of whether you're a file clerk, doctor, or astronaut. HOWEVER, there is one type of performance that these attributes are especially conducive for, and that is LEADERSHIP."

The 5 Fundamental Attributes lead to 21% more efficacy and happiness. They are:5

Uncertainty Tolerance - "I can adapt" 

I am comfortable in unpredictable situations.

Self-Control - "I can perform under pressure" 

I solve problems effectively under stress.

Efficacy - "I am able"

I have the skills and abilities to be successful at most things.

Initiative - "I take action"

I am often the first person to get involved when something needs to be done.

Influence - "I move people"

I can effectively work with and through people.

These learnable skills are indicative of one's leadership abilities, and can help build peer and team effectiveness, communication, building and maintaining relationships, leading, managing and developing people.

If everyone on your team was 21% more effective at these, what would the impact be on your sales? On the engagement of your sales professionals? and on your clients?

You can do it!

Share your story. What keeps a leader happy?

You can participate in IHHPs research, go to

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