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    Proven Sales Pipeline Management & Forecasting Best Practices WEBINAR

    by Kristi Shoemaker / August 13, 2010

    Posted by: Kristi Shoemaker, Marketing, EcSELL Institute

    Sales data is only as good as the person using it.  Join us at our next Sales Management Webinar where we explore how to combine people, processes, and technology to deliver higher win rates and better revenue predictability. Stated simply:  How Sales Managers need to USE and COMMUNICATE the data from your sales pipeline management system to be a more effective sales coach.



    Proven Sales Pipeline Management and Forecasting Best Practices For Sales Managers 

    DATE: Monday, August 23, 2010
    TIME: 1:00PM Eastern / 12:00PM Central / 10:00AM Pacific
    DURATION: 60 Minutes

    It's a proven fact that sales analytics technology alone doesn't solve the most pressing issues for sales leadership today, including higher win rates and better forecast accuracy. At the same time, sales analytics continue to play an increasingly critical role in helping sales leaders become more effective and drive more revenue to the bottom line.

    In this webinar, Tracey Kaufman, Sr. Director of Customer experience at Cloud9 Analytics, will discuss proven best practices in sales pipeline management and forecasting using a new class of on-demand sales analytics.  Cloud9 is on the forefront of combining a structured sales methodology with sales pipeline management applications for enterprises of all sizes. You will learn:

    - Why knowing "what's changed" in your sales pipeline is critical to making your number

    - A step-by-step process for running exceptionally successful weekly sales meetings by communicating the data in the sales analytics tool effectively

    - How to become an expert at one-on-one coaching using sales pipeline data 

    Filled with real-world examples and practical how-to tips and techniques, this sales management webinar will change the way you look at sales pipeline management.



    Tracey Kaufman, Senior Director of Customer Experience, Cloud9 Analytics

    For the past 20 years, Tracey Kaufman has devoted her career to representing the voice of the customer. With experience at Fortune 500 and startup companies that span the enterprise software, eCommerce and advertising industries, Tracey brings to Cloud9 a proven track record of passion for customer advocacy, as well as a solid foundation on how to leverage CRM tools to drive desired business outcomes.

    During the latter part of her seven-year tenure at Siebel as Director of Customer Experience for Siebel CRM OnDemand, Tracey was the first to establish formal customer advocacy and retention programs that increased customer satisfaction by 60% in only 18 months. More recently, Tracey served as Senior Director of Commerce Solutions at GSI Commerce, where she championed enterprise-wide customer advocacy initiatives and elevated Customer Experience to the top of the corporate priority list, resulting in a 38% improvement in customer satisfaction. Tracey holds a BS degree from Union College.

    Bill Eckstrom, Founder and President, EcSELL Institute
    While a Sr. VP of Sales for a publicly traded organization, Bill found a market void in educational and developmental resources for his sales management team. As a result, he founded the EcSELL Institute. EcSELL Institute offers professional development specific to sales management. It helps sales managers stay aware of the latest trends, proven strategies, and reliable technologies as it relates to sales leadership and management. Members of the EcSELL Institute are able to make necessary adjustments in their management approach in order to optimize the productivity of their sales department and create a highly motivated sales team who regularly exceed their goals.

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    Kristi Shoemaker

    Kristi Shoemaker

    Kristi is a marketing communications and public relations expert with over 30+ years of experience in a variety of industries. She was an integral part of EcSell's go-to-market strategy and execution from 2008 - 2012. Kristi enjoys taking a holistic approach by integrating all the key marketing disciplines to create synergies that generate maximum results. She is currently the president of KLS Consulting in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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