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Mothers would make great Sales Managers

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

November 8, 2010

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

The other day, I was working with my 14 year old son on his homework and after 15 minutes only one math problem was done. That afternoon I received a call from his teacher saying that he was sent to the quiet room for talking in class - again. Last year he wore red footie pajamas to school just because he thought things were getting a bit boring. Yet, he just launched his own website for an extreme sports team he created in his middle school, including personally designed t-shirts he sells to his classmates. He is surrounded by friends from all groups - jocks, skater dudes, brains. He writes his own music.

So when I look at my son, I see a person with amazing qualities that I want to foster. I know that he will never sit in a cubicle wearing a white pressed shirt and tie every day. I realized long ago that "old school", hard handed discipline just doesn't work with him, so I use humor and a self discovery approach to motivate change.

Easy? NO WAY. Worth it? TOTALLY.

So the other day while at the EcSELL Institute Sales Leadership and Coaching Strategies Summit  I started asking myself this question "Why don't Sales Managers approach their job like a mother approaches her job - understanding the unique character traits and  innate strengths of each sales rep?"

Most of you are parents.  I challenge you to take those same skills you use with your kids and integrate them to your sales management role. 

There are some excellent assessment tests out in the market that give you a scientific look at a person's strengths. This is a excellent first step. But the real difference is in the individual time you spend with your reps, getting to know them as a person, not an employee.

Here is a great white paper titled "Connecting Is the First Step to Coaching"  But, I think the best resource is you mother. Think about what she did to make you successful.

What are your thoughts on this?  Moms and Dads speak out!


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