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More successful partnerships. A book worth reading.

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

January 28, 2011

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker, EcSELL Institute

A friend of EcSELL Institute, Linda Finkle, just wrote a book on how to build more successful partnerships titled "Finding the Fork in the Road."  Here is Linda's overview of this book.

“Since 2000 I have worked with numerous business partnerships.  Finding The Fork In the Road BOOK COVERThey all have one thing in common, challenges in the relationship between partners.  Even if the business itself is profitable there are often emotional, physical and personal costs to the individuals, their families, employees and even customers.   It’s why I wrote Finding the Fork in the Road, to show you how to stop suffering in silence and assume that nothing can change.  It can and I want to show you how.

Like marriages, they are the most intense and collaborative-dependent and interdependent relationship you can have.  Because they are, people think about partnerships like marriage, till-death-do-you-part.  My belief is different.  The book focuses on how many things eventually come apart; civilizations, buildings, machines…or they change and will give way to something else.  This is what I believe about partnerships.  It’s about finding the fork in the road.

It’s about building a partnership so that it will end properly, about finding the place of maximum profitability and satisfaction for the partners, and then end in some fashion.   The end does not mean the business dissolves but that the partnership and/or business changes. 

In order to reach the fork in the road you’re going to have lots of bumps along the way and hurdles to overcome.  People change, individual needs change, the businesses changes and these will affect the relationships, the business and the partnership.  This is where you need Finding the Fork in the Road.   It gives you information on why these challenges occur and practical advice on what to do about them.   You’ll learn both how to prevent problems from occurring and what to do when they do occur so you get back on track.  Remember the ultimate goal is to find the fork in the road.  It provides the anchor, the place to come back to when things go off course or when divergent paths become options.

Finding the Fork in the Road is about partnerships:  how to create one, how to build one and how to manage one when it goes off track.  It’s chock full of checklists, assessments and other tools  to use to determine partnership ‘fit’, establish compatibility, foster trust and measure progress.

FINDING THE FORK IN THE ROAD will help you whether you are considering a partnership or are struggling in an existing one. CLICK ON THE LINK to learn more about the book

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