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Buying Process Demystified For Your Sales Team

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

February 7, 2011

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker, EcSELL Institute

I was reading The Daily Brainstorm Blog and found something that put the complicated process of making a buying decision into a very simple, easy to understand explanation. This will help anyone who sells.

Hey Sales Manager!  Share this with your sales reps, it just might clear the fog.

An excerpt from a blogpost by Peep Laja of Traindom

Buy buttons in the brain

brainResearch in neuromarketing (put together in this book) reveals interesting things about our brains. As it turns out, we have 3 brains. Well, not really, but the brain does have 3 layers. Each layer has it's own functions: the "New Brain" thinks, the "Middle Brain" feels and the "Old Brain" decides - it reviews input from the other two brains and controls the decision making process. The 'Old Brain' is the part that humans (and it's predecessors) have had the longest - like 160 million years or so. So the part of the brain that controls decisions is pretty primitive and mostly concerned with survival. We're usually trying to talk to the 'New Brain' - the sophisticated one - but it's the brute that makes all the decisions, so we need to dumb it down.

Here's the formula: Selling probability = Pain x Claim x Gain x (Old Brain)3

First you need to identify the prospect's pain (the greater the pain, the higher the chance of sale) and make sure they acknowledge the pain before you start to sell them anything. Second, you've got to differentiate your claims from your competitors. The strongest claim is the one that eliminates the strongest pain. Next you have to show convincing proof of these claims. The 'Old Brain' is resistant to new ideas and concepts, so your proof must be very convincing.

Show tangible evidence, data, testimonials, case studies. And finally - deliver to the 'Old brain'. You need to start with a 'grabber' - something that really gets the attention ('if you're selling fire extinguishers, start with fire', like Ogilvy said). Second - the 'Old brain' is visual, hence start with a big picture. Remember - the 'Old brain' is concerned with survival. So it only cares about itself and not anyone else.

Your message needs to be entirely about the prospect. Get this bookto find out about all the other ways to push the right buttons in the brain.  (end of excerpt)



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