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How to align sales & marketing for more B2B leads

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

March 7, 2011

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

Our March Sales Management Webinar will focus on the secrets that help you focus your B2B lead-generation efforts, align your sales and marketing organizations, and drive more sales revenue. 

It is unique in that we are encouraging sales departments to invite their marketing folks to listen to this webinar together. Often time sales and marketing are going in different directions.  Use this as a way to create a bridge to begin working together.


"The Truth About Leads" is a practical presentation that will shed light on the little-known secrets that help you focus your B2B lead-generation efforts, align your sales and marketing organizations and drive revenue. Delivered by Dan McDade, prospect development expert and author of a book by the same name, this compelling presentation debunks traditional thinking while uncovering the truths that lead to additional, larger and more profitable wins for your organization.

You will learn:

  • Insight and understand on the problems that exist in the world of lead generation and lead qualification
  • What prospect nurturing means and how to do it
  • Understand the cause of misalignment between sales and marketing
  • Learn the cost of not address broken processes
  • How to keep everyone on the sales and marketing team accountable
  • The top 10 actions that will help you improve lead generation results

March 18 at 10am PST / 12 noon CST / 11pm EST

If you can't make it but would like a copy of the PPT Deck, leave a comment and we will email it to you.



The webinar is based on Dan McDade's newly published book, "The Truth About Leads".  This video tells you a little about his book.

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