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    EcSELL Institute Welcomes First Nonprofit Insurance Company

    by Kerstin Olson / February 16, 2011

    The EcSELL Institute welcomes First Nonprofit Insurance Company as the newest member to the EcSELL community. For over 30 years, First Nonprofit®Insurance Company has been committed to providing stable, reliable insurance coverage for nonprofit organizations that have been left behind by the commercial market. Unlike other companies that insure nonprofits only when market conditions are favorable, First Nonprofit proudly and exclusively serves as the insurer for over 1,800 nonprofits. Because it is difficult to find an insurance company that is committed solely to working with nonprofit organizations, First Nonprofit works hard to ensure that our policyholders have the necessary protection to keep thriving and pursuing their missions.

    We applaud First Nonprofit Insurance Company for joining a growing segment of Sales Managers committed to enhancing their sales leadership, improving their management acumen, and staying current with trends and proven best practices through membership to the EcSELL Institute.

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    Kerstin Olson

    Kerstin Olson

    Kerstin Olson has been with the EcSell Institute since its inception. She has overall responsibility for membership services, information technology, and finances. She also serves as treasurer and secretary for the EcSell Institute Board of Directors.

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