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# of Dials to Reach C-Level Customers

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

April 8, 2011

EcSELL Institute Sales Coaching Summit Session Summary

Instructor: Simon Blackburn, ConnectAndSell

Simon Blackburn of ConnectAndSell shared some eye-opening statistics on outbound calling based on their research and experience with their own customers.


How many dials does it take to get one live conversation (on average)?

-          Director level       22 dials

-          VP Level                 27 dials

-          C – level                 30 dials

 How many dials per day can be made by a sales person (on average) per day?

-          Inside sales         39 dials

-          Field sales           20 dials

ConnectAndSell provides a tool to increase the number of live conversations for your reps. As an example, ConnectAndSell had 1000+ live connections in January 2011. It would take 25+ sales people to reach this same number in the same 30 days.

EcSELL Institute has incorporated ConnectAndSell into its sales process. Read a case study on how EcSELL Institute condensed 8 hours of calling to one hour. CLICK HERE


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