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20 Questions for Business Fit

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

April 20, 2011

Use these 20 questions to identify the basis for long-term, strategic business partnerships. These questions can also help you identify whether a potenial client is right for your business.

This list was created by a member of our EcSELL Institute Community. It is one of several best practice documents, shared by our members, in our Resource Library.

There are four key area that need to be considered when determining business fit:

  • Corporate Profile and Direction   (Questions 1-5) 
  • Organizational Structure   (Questions 6-10) 
  • Department Profiles and Directions   (Questions 11 -15) 
  • Key Player Profiles   (Questions 16-20) 

1. What are the top business goals?

2. What strategies are in place to attain these goals?

3. What is happening in the company’s industry?

4. How does the organization measure success?

5. What is the organization’s greatest competitive advantage?

6. How is the organization formally structured to achieve its objectives?

7. What are the informal channels that facilitate change?

8. Who are the people with significant influence in the organization?

9. How are the key players related to the top business goals

10. What is the decision making process?

11. What are the department’s responsibilities?

12. What are the department’s key objectives?

13. Who are the department’s customers?

14. What is the organization doing to support the company’s vision?

15. How will the attainment of key department objectives affect the corporate goals?

16. How are the key contacts and decision makers measured?

17. What is the biggest challenge each key player faces?

18. What does each key player take the most pride in accomplishing?

19. How did each key player come into the position?

20. What wins can you create for each key player?


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How do you know if there is a business fit? What questions do you ask?

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