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15 Ideas To Get Better Ideas From Your Sales Team

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

May 23, 2011

This list is compliments of Leadership Freak which publishes one of the top leadership blogs. 

Sales Management requires a high level of creativity as you work with your team to solve customer problems, find better ways to serve clients, and constantly search for new ways to achieve more.  Next time you are working with your sales team, try using one or two of these ideas during your brainstorming session. You might be surprised with the outcome.

15 Brainstorming Techniques and Creativity Tips:

  1. Focus on curiosity not result.

  2. Ask, “In a perfect world, what am I trying to accomplish.”
  3. Warning: The problem you’re solving may not be the right problem. Redefine the problem again.
  4. Don’t create a memorable event, process, or program. Create a memorable experience.
  5. Create a “parking lot” where off topic ideas can be stored.
  6. Establish your own fictitious worst enemy and compete against them. Josh’s is Slither.
  7. Do someone else’s job for 3 months. (The most innovative company in the world practices this.)
  8. Create inspiring spaces. Many offices look like sensory deprivation chambers.
  9. Shake things up. For some that means having an off-site meeting.
  10. Look at your challenge through the eyes of a child, parent, villain, mechanic …
  11. Appoint a “blocker” whose job is to challenge every idea so you have to defend it.
  12. Change the problem you are solving. That’s where the Nintendo Wii originated.
  13. Find the most offensive, wrong solution possible. See if it’s opposite is the best idea.
  14. Warm up with fun games or exercises rather than saying, “It’s time to be creative.”
  15. Edgestorm, push your idea to the max. That’s where Cirque du Soleil originated.

What do you do to get the best ideas out of your team?

Share you best creativity tips!


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