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Top Sales Interview Questions Part 2

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

June 8, 2011

We had such great response to our previous blog titled "3 Best Sales Interview Questions" we thought we would share some of our readers additions to the list. Enjoy these top interview questions used by Sales Managers. Please add yours! 

If you could do one thing over, what would it be?

What personal trait has been most critical to your success?

What’s your biggest weakness and how have you tried to overcome it?

At what point did you recognize that you wanted to be in sales management instead of just sales?

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

If you were going to start a company, what would it be and why?

Who has been your greatest mentor?  What did he/she do for you that other didn't?

What advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?


Learn more about Talent ID and Acquisition strategies and interview questions for sales on our website. Then visit our Resource Library page to download a copy of "Fact Based Reasons New Sales People Fail" and other research specific to sales management.


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