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Characteristics of Inspirational Sales Leaders

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

June 20, 2011

Our Pillar Partner, Booz & Co. published a white paper titled "Inspirational Sales Leadership: A Systematic Approach to Motivating the Sales Force

CLICK HERE to download the entire white paper.

Below are some highlights on what it takes to be an inspirational leader. Enjoy!


An inspirational leader will…


  • Consistently coach representatives on finding the balance between number of deals in the sales pipeline, and depth of relationship per deal
  • Occasionally set “impossible” goals to inspire quantum leap improvements


  • Select and focus on a few sales metrics most relevant to current strategy, and connect them to individual definitions of success in a way that drives the other metrics up as well


  • Coach a few, specific behaviors that are directly connected to performance drivers—know the “DNA” of your sales force
  • Spend time to create high impact opportunities for high performers, and build skills with middle performers; pay minimal attention to or counsel out low performers


  • Consciously and consistently build the right informal networks inside and outside the company to enhance collaboration within the team, across functions and BUs, and with clients and suppliers
  • Coach representatives/teams to close high impact deals, rather than coming in to close them yourself


  • Leverage client recognition (being a valued thought partner to the client) as the main source of motivation
  • Recognize and reward the emotional side as well—e.g., the courage to have the right dialogues, willingness and ability to bring together the right people/strengths to go after distinctive, high value opportunities, willingness to take risk


Have you ever had an inspirational leader in your life? What did he/she do differently than other leaders/managers/teachers to motivate you?


"Inspirational Sales Leadership: A Systematic Approach to Motivating the Sales Force

CLICK HERE to download the entire white paper.


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