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7 Weaknesses Top Sales People DON'T Have

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

July 20, 2011

Dave_Kurlan Our friend and Pillar Partner, Dave Kurlan of Objective Management Group, does extensive research on what it means to be a top sales person. He has identified seven selling weaknesses that cause salespeople to become ineffective in various selling scenarios.  You can read the full article here

Here are the seven weaknesses that limit a sales person's success. Sales Managers, you need to coach your reps on these issues so they can become a top sales performer!

1. Need for approval, or the need to be liked, prevents them from asking tough questions, challenging and pushing back. 

2. Those who have difficulty recovering from rejection and avoid questions or statements that carry the perceived risk of evoking a "no." (Read how to coach reps through questions in this blog)

3. Salespeople who have a discomfort talking about money aren't able to have an in-depth conversation about finances - finding the money that isn't there.

4. A non-supportive buy cycle causes salespeople to empathize with various stalls, put-offs, excuses and objections rather than asking questions to overcome them. (Help them overcome these execuses with this approach.)

5. A self-limiting record collection has salespeople listening to their greatest fears and self-limiting beliefs, affecting outcomes before they have left their offices.

6. Salespeople who easily become emotionally involved on calls go into reaction mode rather than calmly and systematically continuing to ask questions.

7. Salespeople who are too trusting don't challenge or push back on conventional buyer thinking, put-offs or stalls because they take everything they hear at face value.

The best way to address these issues is to go on a sales call with your rep. Learn how to use a sales call evaluation to help your reps improve their sales in this best practice article.

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