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    Bad Things Happen Without Sales Coaching

    by Kristi Shoemaker / August 24, 2011

    Have you ever wondered the impact you are having on your sales team? Wonder no more!  Our friend and Pillar Partner, Dave Kurlan of Objective Management Group, completed a research project on impact sales coaching has on sales teams.  He found that there are tenDave Kurlan, Objective management Group common things that your salespeople will do when they aren't coached and managed effectively, or, in many cases, when they are only coached on an as needed basis.  Read the complete article "Bad Things Happen When You Leave It Up to Your Salespeople"


    Here are the ten common outcomes from lack of sales coaching:

    1. They target who you want but call who they're comfortable with.
    2. They say they will ask questions but begin by presenting instead.
    3. They say they need help closing but they don't have enough quality opportunities in their pipeline.
    4. They say they're on top of everything but the information in their CRM is three weeks old.
    5. They agree to sell your complete line of products/services but continue to sell only what they're most comfortable selling.
    6. They tell you they understand and can leverage your value proposition but their strategy nearly always results in trying to win on price.
    7. Their forecast is what you wanted but the actual revenue always falls considerably short of the goal.
    8. They talk about finding new business but don't make any new calls.
    9. They talk about selling more consultatively but their idea of consultative is a list of 50 unrelated questions.
    10. They tell you they are out making calls when, in fact, they were out looking for a job!

    Here is a related article titled "Creating A SuperStar Sales Team"

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    Kristi Shoemaker

    Kristi Shoemaker

    Kristi is a marketing communications and public relations expert with over 30+ years of experience in a variety of industries. She was an integral part of EcSell's go-to-market strategy and execution from 2008 - 2012. Kristi enjoys taking a holistic approach by integrating all the key marketing disciplines to create synergies that generate maximum results. She is currently the president of KLS Consulting in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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