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    Mistakes Top Reps NEVER Make

    by Kristi Shoemaker / July 25, 2011

    As a Sales Coach, you spend a portion of your time dealing with mistakes made by your sales reps but interestingly, your top sales people don't make the same mistakes. If you learn what the good ones never do, you can take that information and use it to coach the rest of the group. 

    In our previous post last Wednesday "Seven Weakness Top Sales Reps Don't Have", we shared a science based view to this question.  A similar question that relates to this was posted in one of the LinkedIn Groups I belong to: Sales and Marketing VPs  The question was "What Mistakes Do Your Top Reps Never Make."  I have enjoyed reading the responses so I wanted to share some of the best ones with our readers.

    Mistakes Top Reps NEVER Make

     A good salesperson is a person with the highest of ethical standards and fights ferociously to protect his or her integrity.

    Trying to sell before qualifying the prospect a good salesperson never does; he is much more interested in understanding the opportunity.

     They don't waste time on things that don't contribute to closing their next deal.

     Great sales people always follow up... and they always ask for the order.

    They never lie and there is no such thing as a white lie.
    Never use percentage that have not been verified and verified again.
    Only sell products that can be sold.

    When a top sales rep has made the sale. He/she stops talking.

    Top sales reps acknowledge that without a customer none of use have a job. They also acknowledge everyone that helps them with a sale.


    Add to this list!  What mistakes do your top sales reps NEVER make?


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    Kristi Shoemaker

    Kristi Shoemaker

    Kristi is a marketing communications and public relations expert with over 30+ years of experience in a variety of industries. She was an integral part of EcSell's go-to-market strategy and execution from 2008 - 2012. Kristi enjoys taking a holistic approach by integrating all the key marketing disciplines to create synergies that generate maximum results. She is currently the president of KLS Consulting in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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