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Gathering of Great Minds. Make Sure Yours is One of Them.

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

July 15, 2011

In October, nearly 100 VP Sales will gather in Atlanta at the Fall Sales Coaching Summit.  This is one of the only conference series focused on the people who coach other Sales Managers.  It is 100% content, ZERO % commercials.  It is 100% Sales Management focused, ZERO % Sales Rep training.  It is just for VP Sales and your sales management team.

Following are the keynote session descriptions.

"The X Factor: The Missing Link to Sustained Discretionary Effort"

Have you ever wondered why two Sales Managers, who have access to the same resources, can have dramatically different results? Find out why in this fast-paced session. Read more...


"Creating a High Performance Culture"

If you are not developing yourself, you limit your ability to develop your people. Discover how to create a culture that drives development and fosters growth at all levels. Read more...


"The Science and Application Behind Collaborative Sales Leadership"

Leadership has evolved into something new. Are you developing into the most effective leader? Are you developing a team of leaders? Learn what research is telling us. Read more...


"Sales Coaching is NOT a Component of the Job. It IS the Job"

Coaching is not just a component of the job, it is the job! Learn why this shift is critical to the long-term success of your sales department. Read more...


This October, EcSELL Institute's Summit series presents a holistic view of all the skills, traits, tools, and processes necessary to transform yourself from someone who just manages tools and processes to a person who is able to inspire, motivate, and improve each individual on the sales team.

sales coaching summit

If you want to understand the science, strategy, and execution that turns o strategy, and execution that turns ordinary Sales Managers into extraordinary Sales Coaches the CLICK HERE to learn more!



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