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Through The Eyes of The Sales Rep, Part 1

Posted by Bill Eckstrom

August 10, 2011

Though at times it may not seem this way, healthcare has always been interested in improving the care provided to patients, but what is interesting is defining what "care" means to the parties involved and what is most important to improving thatBill Eckstrom "care". For many years healthcare turned to doctors, nurses and administration, those providing the "care" to determine how it could be improved. Hmmm, did anyone ever think to involve the patient and get their opinion? Did anyone think to evaluate what was important through their eyes?

Bottom line is this; research found that what was "most important" to the healthcare providers was vastly different than what patients deemed "most important" to their own care. When the needs of the patients were placed as top priority healthcare outcomes improved-drastically! To those paying attention, to those who take the time to understand the research, to those who care enough to change how they provide care, this critical information can revolutionize our healthcare system.

Can this be analogous to your sales team? Have you ever asked your sales producers how they wish to be coached, managed and led? What you hear may surprise you. EcSELL Institute is undergoing research to find what is important to performance, "Through the Eyes of the Sales Rep".

Below is a link to a research report written by EcSELL Institute VP Member Services, Sarah Wirth, which outlines some early findings and resulting recommendations. Sarah has been investigating our initial data sets and is thrilled with the opportunities this research will provide our members.



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