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The 5 Minute Phone Interview

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

August 19, 2011

This best practice comes from our Pillar Partner Tony Cole, CEO of Anthony Cole Training Group.  Tony suggests that a Sales Manager conducts a fiveAnthony Cole Training Group minute phone interview with the top sales rep candidates. This is how it should go.



"Good morning Tim. As I mentioned, this call is going to be brief because we are talking to other candidates this morning. 

You've seen our job posting. What makes you think you fit this job?

How would I know what you just said is true?

Tell me one of your best sales success story in 30 words or less.

If I called someone and asked them why I shouldn't hire you for this job, what would they say?

Thanks Tim. We will be making our decision by next Tuesday. If you don't hear from us that just means we didn't think there was a fit."

At this point, you stop and listen. 
1. Did they ask questions?
2. Did they try to keep you on the phone?
3. Did they try to close you?

The purpose of the five minute interview is to model the exact environment they will be selling into so you can see how they handle themselves. Your job as the  Sales Manager is to act like a potential client might act when Tim is selling.


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