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5 Main Dysfunctions of a Sales Team

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

September 2, 2011

On Monday, Tony Cole, was our featured instructor at our monthly sales mangement webinar series. Tony shared best practices to address the five most common dysfunctions of a sales team. Here are a few highlights from the webinar.  Leave a comment with your name and email and we will send you a copy of the ppt deck.Tony Cole sales management webinar instuctor for sales managers

The 5 dysfunctions of a Sales Team:
1. Lack of Performance Management

2. Motivation That Doesn‘t Work

3. Ineffective Coaching

4. Recruiting the Wrong People

5. Lack of Mentoring

People who are great at Performance Management have these traits:

  • Doesn't accept mediocrity
    No need for approval from sales people
    Takes responsibility
    Manages behavior
    Asks questions
    Manages the pipeline
    Record collection
    Support accountability

Someone who is great at motiving people has these traits:

  • Has goals and a plan
    Know what motivates each individual sales person
    Gives recognition
    Has a strong self image
    Is able to create rapport and bond with people
    Runs effective sales meetings (Read "Signs Your Meeting Is A Waste of Time")
    Doesn't accept mediocrity
    Takes responsibility 

Traits of good sales coach:

  • Debriefs effectively
    Handles joint sales calls effectively
    Asks Questions
    No need for approval from salespeople
    Doesn't rescue the sales person
    Has a selling system

(To learn how to be more effective in the three most important interactions with your sales reps 1) pre-call coaching session 2)post-call coaching session 3) your role in the actual sales call, be sure to attend our 6 Pillars of Sales Productivity Management Workshop on October 4 in Atlanta)

Traits of a strong mentor:

  • Strong Self Image
    Effective when asking questions (Read "Connecting Is The First Step To Coaching")
    Effective at handling people
    Good listening skills
    Doesn't accept mediocrity
    Takes responsibility
    Flexible thinker
    Has a selling system
    Knows why people buy
    Knows how people buy
    Effective at getting commitments
    Consistently coaches and debriefs

A great best practice was the "Five Minute Interview". Use it with your top sales canidates before you make your final decision.

Leave a comment with your name and email and we will send you a copy of the powerpoint slides.

Tony Cole

Anthony Cole Training Group delivers leadership development, sales management and sales training to companies in order to help drive consistent and predictable sales results. Tony Cole was an instructor at the EcSELL Institute spring 2011 6 Pillars of Sales Productivity Workshop


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