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Hiring the Right Sales Manager – a key strategic move

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

September 16, 2011

With the DOW falling 2.2% last week, consumer confidence dropping to the lowest level since 2009, and growing fears of a double dip recession, it's more importantDanita Bye Sales Growth Specialist than ever for business leaders to assess every key role in their organizations to ensure that they not only survive, but will be able to thrive under these unpredictable conditions.  Danita Bye, President of Sales Growth Specialists and EcSELL Institute Pillar Partner, shares her views on how to hire the right Sales Manager.

Business leaders committed to becoming market dominators must be prepared to get the right people in the right seats on the bus. Getting the sales manager for your business is a critical decision that impacts the trajectory of sales revenues. 

In the 2011 Strategic Sales Survey conducted by Sales Growth Specialists, we discovered two important findings:

-Growth companies are nearly 85% more likely to consistently hire top performers. So, companies committed to growth see hiring, especially the sales manager position, as a key strategic move that enhances their competitive position. 

-Growth companies are 60% more likely to score themselves high on staff motivation.  Interestingly, motivation of the sales staff is a key responsibility of the sales manager.

Recruiting for the sales manager position often poses difficulties for companies. Senior management often makes mistakes when filling this critical position because they are not fully aware of the unique responsibilities and challenges of front line sales management.  For example, the common assumption, that the top sales person will automatically be a great sales manager, usually turns out to be a fallacy.  The skills set between a leading sales person and someone who excels at sales management differ greatly.

Here’s what one member from the EcSELL Institute community said, “From my experience, the mistake made is that they look for the sales experience. Then, they hope that they have management skills.” This is echoed by another member, “Yes, the absolute most common mistake is assuming the best sales people make the best sales managers.”

So, if it’s not the top sales person, then who should companies be looking at when hiring their next sales manager? And, what mistakes can they avoid making? 

I invite you to complete this Hiring Sales Manager Best Practice Survey.  It will take 2-3 minutes to complete. We’ll be interacting with the data at EcSELL Institute’s next Sales Management Webinar on Sept 23rd, "When Hiring a Sales Manager, Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes.”

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