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How To Hire SuperStar Sales Talent

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

October 4, 2011

Andy Miller of Andy Miller International Inc. taught the attendees at the Fall 2011 Pre-Summit 6 Pillars of Sales Productivity Workshop how to hire superstar sales talent.  Here are several top sales people recruitment tips from his session on the Talent Identification and Acquisition Pillar.

How to Hire Top Sale PeopleAndy Miller Talent Identifcation Summit Instructor

- When hiring a new sales rep, start by clearly defining your strategy, then identify the right people, end with tactics.
- As soon as you recognize that you've made a wrong hire, get them out.
- Each time you have a mis-hire, identify the reason and then put a new "rule" in place in your screening/selection process.

- Hire people that are excited about what they do versus how much they are going to make.

Andy Miller shares some powerful statistics with the group.

- Purpose driven companies grow at 250% more than their competitors
- 18% of sales reps are consciously disengaged
- World class organizations, only 10% are disengaged. Average organizations, 60% are disengaged
- 95% customers say sales reps talk too much and listen too little
- 87% of prospect inquiries are never followed up on
- 93% sales reps volunteer a discount
- 82% sales reps can't differentiate themselves from their competitors
- 71% sales reps have difficulty recovering from rejection
- 80% of resumes are misleading
- 20% resumes state fraudulent degrees
- 46% new hires fail within 18 months

More highlights...

Conduct the assessment early on in the screening process, it will save you a lot of time

- Don't skip any steps in the screening process, even with people you "like" or think you know.

- Don't let HR run your hiring process.  Why?  Most HR people are more reserved and are folks that follow the rules.  By contrast, most sales reps are pushy and outgoing and flexible.  Your best candidates might be cut before you ever get a chance to look at them.

- When placing an ad for a sales position, be as specific as possible.  Write your ad so people can clearly identify whether they have what it takes to succeed. The ad should weed out people.

- Conduct background checks on candidates. This could save you from a big headache in the future.


Download a copy of Andy Miller's PPT Slides on Talent Identification from the Fall 2011 Pre-Summit 6 Pillars of Sales Productivity Workshop. CLICK HERE

Visit Andy Miller's Website.

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