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Coaching Training Part 2: The Sale Performance Equation to Excellence

Posted by Bill Eckstrom

February 15, 2012

In part one of this three part series we explained that a sales coach is a  strategic positionCoaching training and sales performance expert Bill Eckstrom that has a three-fold purpose: to manage processes and output, to create a collaborative leadership environment, and to navigate between order and complexity to ensure maximum growth. In our new Sales Performance Equation(TM), we examine the key components of sales coaching. As with any model established through the EcSELL Institute, the end result must always be increased performance.


Coaching Training includes all aspects of the Sales Performance Equation


Components of the Sales Performance Equation

The role of the true sales coach comprises all the skills, traits, tools, and processes necessary to drive greater team performance. As mentioned above, coaching is not just an activity, but also a strategic role every team needs in order to realize its full potential. 

Each element of the performance equation is essential in coaching a team to achieving the pinnacle of performance.  They build upon one another and are interdependent in terms of producing desired outcomes.  To perform at the highest level, one cannot merely be great manager who drives processes, but never captures the hearts of employees.  Likewise, even the best leaders who can effectively collaborate with those on their teams, but never pushes them into the high growth mode of complexity, will not be able to maximize results.  It is only when sales coaches are able to effectively manage processes, lead collaboratively, and coach their teams into complexity that they will truly be able to enter the high performance zone.  And after all, isn’t performance what it is all about?

In part three, we will define the components of the Sales Performance Equation in detail.

If you would like to listen to a 60 minute webinar that explains the Sales Performance Equation, please download it with our compliments. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A RECORDING OF THE WEBINAR

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