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6 Dimensions of a Trusted Advisor Relationship.

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

April 12, 2012

Tom Cates, President of Brookeside Group, was a featured instructor at our spring SalesTom Cates Trusted Advisor Expert Coaching Summit in Austin, TX. In today's competitive landscape, organizations that understand how to become a trusted advisor, in the eyes of their customers, will win. The financial benefits are considerable. Here are the highlights from his Summit session.

6 Dimensions of a "Trusted Advisor" Relationship.



Are you reliable, dependable?
Do I believe you will do what you say?


Can you actually do what you promise?


Do I feel like an unique individual, or am I just a segment, a demographic, or a number?


Are you looking out for my best interests, ensuring I don’t encounter an unwanted surprise?


Do you understand the “bigger picture”…what my world is really like?


Do I like working with you? Do we ‘click’?


Ask yourselfthese questions:

1.Where are you NOW?
–Do you have a relationship or a transaction?
2.What is MISSING?
–What dimension is missing from the relationship?
–Is it just this relationship or throughout many clients?
–What behavior must your team demonstrate?

Tom Cates also conducted a Sales Management Webinar for us last year. Download a copy of the webinar on this same topic "The Secret To Being A Trusted Advisory"

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