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Memorable Quotes to Use In Sales Meetings

Posted by Kristi Shoemaker

April 19, 2012

During our spring Sales Coaching Summit, our instructors and attendees said some amazing things. Here are a few of the best motivational quotes from that week.

Life chooses the picture. You choose the framework.

You have to do it yourself but you can't do it alone.

Don't grow a wishbone where your backbone is.

Take on the fulfilling mandate of making others better.

Igniters help people see what is possible

Don't overpay for your loss. Learn and move on.

Ask questions. Don't tell.

People can't do things they can't imagine.

People don't have learning difficulties. Our society has teaching difficulties.

Trust leads to commitment. Committed people outperform.

Most of life's lessons aren't friendly.

Failure is critical for development.

Managers get stuck on the end game. Coaches focus on incremental goals.

No everyone is coachable.

Not everyone can coach.

Imagery is the language of performance.

It starts with me.

Embrace adversity.


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