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Sales Coaching and your 20's

Posted by Will Kloefkorn

July 24, 2013

If you go to the new and improved EcSell Institute Facebook page, you will see an article from Forbes titled 20 Things 20-Year Olds don’t get. It is a good read and if you are a sales leader that has the honor of coaching the Millennial generation you will likely relate with this list. However, our 21 year old Marketing Intern astutely points out on our page that this article is a good read for beginners as well as experts – touché young Millennial. Believe this much, Hannah is absolutely correct. Being thirty one, I too am a Millennial albeit a veteran one. I just graduated from my 20’s so a lot of lessons on the list are very fresh in my mind. Perhaps the most important lesson I learned in the last decade is that humility is an amazing quality to learn, especially in a career such as sales where the losses and lessons are plentiful.


My favorite item from the list that 20-Year Olds don’t get was this – People matter more than Perks. Not when I was 22 and fresh off of taking over the world by obtaining my College degree they didn’t. Perks were cool and so was I (or so I thought). The author Jason Nazar explains by saying, “It’s so trendy to pick the company that offers the most flex time, unlimited meals, company massages, game rooms and team outings.  Those should all matter, but not as much as the character of your founders and managers. Great leaders will mentor you and will be a loyal source of employment long after you’ve left.  Make a conscious bet on the folks you’re going to work for and your commitment to them will pay off much more than those fluffy perks. Like Hannah, Jason is absolutely correct as well.


During my 20’s  I learned a lot of the lessons that Nazar points out the hard way via experience, but I consider myself very fortunate because for the past 5 years I have had the honor to learn from a great sales coach, countless other amazing clients in sales leadership, and from the other outstanding members of the EcSell Institute team and community.  In my opinion nothing is more important to and individuals career success than having an excellent coach and mentor at an early age, or middle age, or older age.


There is a famous quote from the legendary John Wooden that says “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts”.  In that spirit, I encourage you all to have some fun and read this list when you get the chance. What did you not know in your 20’s?


Will Kloefkorn

Director of Business Development

EcSell Institute

Topics: Leadership Development

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