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Sales Coaching Book

What's Inside

This book will detail the extent to which sales leaders, sales managers, or as we call them "coaches" impact how much a team sells. 

A Practical Approach to High Performance Coaching

After tracking the activities, behaviors and performance of sales managers for over a decade, we've compiled more than 80,000 documented coaching interactions in the workplace. 

As a result we are ready to share the three performance themes and the five high pay-off coaching activities that most strongly correlate to a manager’s ability to create a sales team that is motivated to sell.

Evidence into the Impact Coaching has on performance

The current hype around “coaching” is misused and misunderstood.

The common view of “coaching” is that it is an interaction between a sales rep and his or her boss, when in reality a Coach (used as a noun) is accountable for EVERYTHING that impacts a sales team’s ability to hit a sales goal. 

From the identification and acquisition of talent, to knowing when and how to deliberately create adversity for top sales performers, this book will help managers understand how to act and behave more like a high performance coach.

Growth opportunities through Complexity Coaching Moments

Becoming a high performing coach isn't easy, especially when it comes to pushing the people on their team out of comfort and into complexity in order to continually grow and develop. 

This book will help sales leaders identify what type of growth coach they are and how they can develop better relationships with the people on their teams to earn the privilege of pushing them outside their comfort zones in order to reach higher levels of success. 

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