Manager Coaching

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Manager coaching

What you'll learn:

  • The difference in coaching quantity & quality corresponding to the difference in the managers’ percent to their sales goal.
  • What top-performing sales managers do to earn higher coaching quality marks from their reps.
  • What a quality and quantity score of a manager is and the importance of these scores.
  • How a managers’ quality score and quantity score make up their quota (the percent to their sales goal). 

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The Research

When we review our data and study managers who are in the top 20% of performance to goal, versus those in the remaining 80% of performance to goal, what is endemic to the top 20% is they consistently score well in both coaching quantity AND coaching quality. To understand the impact of coaching quantity and quality on a sales team’s achievement of their quota, EcSell Institute looked at how top-performing managers coached differently.


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