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    3 Options You Have to Become a Relentless Sales Leader 

    by Will Kloefkorn / March 28, 2018
    Next Book Review: 
    In his attempt to help individuals escape “The Matrix”, Tom Bilyeu, founder of Impact Theory, has a reading list of 25 books which he recommends that everyone read to better understand how they can unlock their potential. Others have embarked on this journey and I have decided to join them by dedicating myself to reading a book per week for the next 25 weeks. 
    Next week’s high-level review, and application to sales coaching, is the book The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday.
    You can read the full book review here

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    Will Kloefkorn

    Will Kloefkorn

    Serving as a sales manager with the Ecsell Institute team since the company's inception, Will Kloefkorn is responsible for leading Ecsell Institute's worldwide sales growth strategies and business development initiatives as the VP of Sales. Will's background includes business development jobs across the board with recognized organizations such as ESPN and Enterprise.